Thursday, May 10, 2012

I'm mobile!

It took me a million years but I finally downloaded the blogger app. Yes, I know. Welcome to 2009, Sara. But! This means more crappy iPhone pictures of my kids! Hurrah! Let's begin.

Noah hates t-ball but I am a mean mother who already paid for it so he has to go. He's actually pretty decent with the bat and loves running the bases. He also thoroughly enjoys watching the cars drive by and kicking dirt.

Chloe is now 7 months old! She's proficient at clapping and screaming at me. Oh, and rocking on her hands and knees while squealing like a demon. It's only a matter of time before she starts crawling and sends my anxiety through the roof. This one is going to be our daredevil launching herself from countertops. How lovely.

(I have no idea how to actually insert the photos in the proper spots in the post...why can nothing be intuitive. Unless it is and I'm the idiot. Very possible.)

I'll leave you with this discussion I had with my husband this morning:

Him: What are we doing this Sunday? I have work to get done.

Me: Uh, its Mother's Day.

Him: (in his head: shitdamnf@#*) yes! Great! I have it all worked out!

Me: Obviously.