Thursday, March 24, 2011

What's it gonna be, Mama?

We had our 12 week genetic scan today. I think I’ve been holding my breath for weeks and only this morning did I slowly let it out. One long whooooooooosh. Our risk for Down syndrome, trisomy 13 or trisomy 18 is less than 1 in 10,000 which, as the doctor explained, is the lowest risk we can be assigned. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t worried leading up to today. I’m a worrier. It’s what I do.

The scan showed us a healthy, thriving baby kicking its little legs and holding its hands together in a prayer position all the while measuring almost a week ahead. We saw its tiny heart beating and it stretch out to accommodate the tech’s desire for a nice crown to rump measurement. At one point both Tim and I thought we spotted another tiny little pee-pee but the tech refused to confirm. She smiled and told us to wait for that special day as it’s coming up sooner than we think. For now, we’ll be grateful for a (hopefully) healthy baby, regardless of gender, though I think I see pale pink and flowers fading farther into the distance.

I feel like I can start recognizing this pregnancy for what it is: completely wanted and totally unexpected. I’m in deep, deep love.

Noah has been riding the train of adorable toddler behavior lately. He’s been accommodating, sweet-tempered (most of the time), and creating the most fun little stories plucked out of his imagination. On Sunday, during our drive home from my parents’ house, he told me we had to be on the lookout for a blue flamingo. There isn’t a blue flamingo on any sign or statue anywhere between my parents’ house and ours. It wasn’t until we were halfway home that I caught on to the “pretend”. I love the “pretend” play and listening to the stories he crafts out of his busy brain.

The preschool nightmare is over, I think. We’ve been waitlisted at the three schools we applied to and are not at all surprised at that outcome (one parochial, one public (but high-risk/low-income kids get first pick), and one private, fancy-schmancy school). It was expected with the ridiculous school competition we face in this city. So we have put our (very, very non-refundable) deposit down at his current school and plan to have him attend in the fall. He loves it there, we love it there, it’s not at all affordable but we know it’s a good place. The director brings him into her office occasionally to “help do the mail” when really she tells me she just wants to hang out with him. That makes my heart swell.

Now I will wrap this up with a visual of what Noah really thinks about being de-throned as our one and only:

Why yes, that IS a saw in his hand. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


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See you there!

Friday, March 11, 2011


Bad decision: A chocolate candy bar with an Oreo chaser for a mid-afternoon snack.

Good decision: Five gallons of water consumed today (or thereabouts).

Bad decision: Pre-pregnancy pants with the Bella Band. Constant rear end slippage.

Good decision: Wearing long tunic-type top to cover above mentioned slippage.

Bad decision: Leaving phone where toddler could find it.

Good decision: Catching it moments before he threw it in the toilet. Mommy instinct for the win!

Bad decision: Waiting to eat until husband got home and ending up all sorts of cranky.

Good decision: Sending husband back out for chinese food immediately upon his arrival home.

What were your good/bad decisions for today?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Heebie jeebies

Some kid in Noah's classroom has LICE. Oh. My. God. I started feeling itchy just reading the treatment handout that was in each cubby. I'm itchy right now writing the word LICE. I'm going to be itchy until I determine that my child does NOT have LICE.

When we got home from school, I immediately grabbed a comb to check his hair. The comb I grabbed was the dog's flea comb. Hey, don't judge, I washed it in very hot water with anti-bacterial soap before it touched Noah's head. It's the most fine tooth comb I own and its sole purpose is digging out BUGS. So far, so good. We will be repeating this comb, search, scream (child, not me) process every day until I am convinced we've escaped a lice infestation.

I know this is a rite of passage when you put your kid in a room with 15 other children but the germs and general ick are starting to wear me down. They just pass the sick back and forth, back and forth. Upside? He's going to have a stellar immune system by kindergarten. My vacation days at work will actually be used for vacation. How novel!

Fingers crossed we don't get LICE. Hope you're not itchy.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Random thoughts on a Monday

I have a cracked rib from coughing so much these last couple of weeks. Doc says “So sorry, here’s a Tylenol” which sounds to me a lot like “Totally sucks that you’re pregnant and we can’t give you those lovely Vicodin jobbies.” Grrrrrrr.

Noah had a pukefest from 5pm until 11pm last night and was magically feeling better this morning. No fever, kept his breakfast down, begged to play trains. I couldn’t get him to school fast enough. That makes me a terrible parent, I know. But some other kid in that class gave him the germs in the first place. What goes around comes around. (Or it might have been Noah licking the door at the children’s museum on Saturday…whose child does that? MINE, of course.)

I had a conversation with a divorce attorney today (for WORK, not MYSELF) and she was a BULLY. She kept trying to make me back down on our position in this specific matter and I would not do so…she told me she would have a judge send me a court order to give her what she wants. I happily told her to go right ahead…judges don’t scare me; especially when this judge will laugh in her face and deny her motion. Haha, suck it, sister.

By the way, I am not an attorney but I do believe what I have learned in my chosen line of work is on par with what most people take away from law school (in this specific field of law…not ALL law, calm down you real lawyers with your degrees). So many of my clients already think I am a lawyer that I have stopped correcting them. Now if only I was PAID as well as a lawyer…must work on that.

Today’s lunch was brilliant: hunk of sourdough bread, slices of extra sharp cheddar cheese and a smearing of blackberry jam. It’s like a picnic at my desk. And shhh, I am having a Diet Coke. Alert the Pregnancy Police!

How is your Monday/weekend?