Friday, August 31, 2007

And so it begins...

Here she is! Isn't she so pretty? I didn't take this picture (I 'borrowed' it from the listing), and everytime I try to go by to take another the current owners are outside. I refuse to give them one reason not to sell to us. But my stalking shows how much I love it right???

So, some details about the house. It was built in 1885 along a lovely tree-lined street on the north side of Chicago. This blog is named for the street our new house is on, and no I will not give you the actual address. I am allowed to stalk, but you are not.

We've been inside three times now, and from what I can tell there are plenty of original floors, moldings, doors and hardware. And of course, over the decades, there was an addition and updates made to the house. Yes, there is central air conditioning. . .I will not do Chicago without A/C.

It has three bedrooms and two baths, a beautiful backyard, and a finished basement that will be perfect for Tim's office. That, my friends, is worth its weight in gold. To have our living room be free of the wires and cords and beeping/blinking computer accoutrements will be like heaven. And you better call dibs on the guest room fast. We have a waiting list brewing. . .

I wonder if talking about the house before we actually close is bad karma. I hope not. You know what is good karma? The fact that the bar we met at will be re-opening three blocks from our new home. If that isn't a sign, then I don't know what is.

Am I too late?

How does one jump on board this bloggy thing so late in the game? By buying a new house and demanding attention from anyone and everyone! No, I kid. This is our journey (so overused, journey? really?) in searching, finding, buying, and creating our first home. I'll try to include you all in this process, and along the way, share with you our ideas and inspirations.

We're the Smiths (and no, that is not an alias, that's what you get when you get married). Hi! Nice to meet you and thanks for having us.

My name is Sara, and I will be joined by my husband, Tim [also find him at], from time to time on this here blog. We've been married for 9 months and have just found the perfect home for us in beautiful Chicago. Its 122 years old. We close October 12th. Commence crossing the fingers now. . .