Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Being Noah

I've been thinking a lot about Noah and his diagnosis. We see evidence of it every day, at every activity from eating to dressing himself to playing soccer in the backyard. MD (Myoclonus-dystonia disorder for the uninitiated) is part of our daily existence and many times I forget. I forget that he has a condition that will never get better. I forget to not yell when he trembles and spills his milk (often) or his spoon suddenly flies out of his hand onto the floor. I forget to not scold him when he's stumbling on the soccer field, attempting to cover his missteps by acting goofy. At almost five years old, he's a master at redirection.

"Mommy, what do you think runs through the pipes underground or through the walls? Is it only water and gas or is there electricity? Does it have a color? Or a taste?"

"Focus on your scissors, Noah. Open, close, open, close. Hold the paper with your free hand. Like this."

"Mommy, when an astronaut goes to outerspace, how long does his air supply tank last? Can he REALLY do backflips in the air?"

"Noah. Pay attention to your task."

"I'm done with cutting now."

His handwriting is atrocious, he can't cut a straight line for the life of him, he despises "art" at school, he will NEVER choose crafts over...anything else.

But he's perfect. He looks like me but is his father's child. He may have inherited Tim's rare genetic mutation but he also inherited his wicked sense of humor, his curiosity and inquisitiveness and his talent for making friends. Noah reminds me that you never know what you're going to get and, sometimes, what you get is exactly what you always wanted.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Vacation all I ever wanted

This is an extremely self-indulgent post but I'm trapped in my cubicle right now, haven't seen the sun in months and am about to run screaming to the airport and demand to be boarded on the next plane to Tahiti. In lieu of an imminent arrest for attempting to illegally board a plane, let's talk travel. Otherwise known as: I'm going to tell you where I'm going this year and then you're going to tell me where you're going.

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Specifically, we're taking the kids here. Perhaps because we are overindulgent parents who jump when their young son comes home from school one day in the middle of March saying "Mom, all of my friends are going to Florida for spring break. Where are we going?" *cue frantic internet search* Seeing as flights to Florida were turning up in the thousands of dollars range to fly all of us down there we settled on a Midwest indoor water park. A "stay-cation" if you will. Or a "Mom and Dad are totally poor since we're trying to build you the most amazing playroom/basement in the entire world". Yeah, more like that.

San Francisco, California. IMMA GOIN' BY MAHSELF. My oldest, dearest friend Tina (seriously...I've known this fabulous chick since we were 8) is having herself a wee baby girl in May and I made it my mission to get out there to see Baby P as soon as possible. I'm so excited to snuggle and snuffle and snorf that baby and possibly steal her away in my suitcase. I will also get to see some adorable and fantastic bloggy/twitter friends and I LOVE WHEN THAT HAPPENS.

Indiana Dunes. Beach Weekend 2013. We do this every year but in the past it was just for the day. This year we decided to go for the whole weekend and we're going to meet up with a couple other families and it's going to be so much fun. Splashing and beaching and sunning and just all around break from the Big City.

Charleston, South Carolina. Oh yeahhhhhhhh. THIS.  Last year was New Orleans (never did write that recap post, damn) and this year we're going to SC and doing it up right. I hear there is lounging planned. With some more lounging on the side. I leave on my birthday which means that all the ladies there are going to witness my birthday antics. They better come prepared for cocktails and cupcakes. Many cocktails and cupcakes.

I hear it MIGHT reach 50 degrees this weekend but I won't hold my breath. Oh wait, yes I will, underwater at the water park looking for the baby's pacifier that she will use as a Make Mommy Practice Diving Device. Should be wicked fun.

Any upcoming travels have you kids all in a lather?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Back in the saddle

So, um, that was a bit of a blogging break wasn't it? I won't flatter myself that anyone was waiting with bated breath for me to pour forth a few typed characters in this space so let's just say hi again, get reacquainted, and hope I can manage a post here or there.

A few random tidbits:

1) We're on Step 2 of 3 in the Great Basement Renovation of 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013. Oh, look at that, it's been going on for a while. There was that whole Recession nonsense that put the project on the back burner but November 2012 kicked it off with a big waterproofing job (Step 1). Let me say this: there is nothing like spending the equivalent of a tiny country's GDP on something that you will NEVER SEE. I prefer my money to show itself in pretty couches or possibly a nice light fixture instead of drains and concrete and plastic. But it's done and if that damn basement ever floods again I have a warranty and someone to blame. Step 2 is a brand spankin' new polished concrete floor that should be done when I get home from work TODAY. And an empty bank account once again.

 Photo prior to final finish coat. It doesn't look like much now
but this is a HUGE improvement over the Before.

2) That leads me into Step 3 which is walls. Our basement needs some. Correction: we have walls but they are of the foundation variety and not the wood and drywall variety so we need to build some new ones. The best part, or perhaps the scary part depending on your point of view, is that Tim plans to build said walls himself. With his hands and some power tools and a saw. (I'm in the scary camp.) We've received a number of estimates from contractors and no. Just no. Many, many dollars worth of no. At least if we want this project done this year. So DIY it is, friends. To be clear, *I* am not DIYing shit. I'm the Pizza Ordering Gal and the Point At Stuff And Tell You That You Are Doing It Wrong Gal. Tim is super excited about that part.

I do believe Tim will be contacting his former brother-in-law (a carpenter by trade) to assist with said wall building but I'm not really sure. I just anticipate a stack of lumber showing up someday soon and losing my husband to the dark depths of the basement for a while. If it means a usable basement in 2013 then I fully support all construction efforts and will order pizzas accordingly.

3) The part-time work schedule is going swimmingly. I love love love walking Noah to school three days a week and hobnobbing with the other (mostly SAHM) moms and dads. I'm slowly getting involved in the parent-teacher organization and the parent fundraising arm and this is totally my bag. The Former Sorority President in me loves this shit. Plus my (lovely and fabulous) next door neighbor is on deck to be her school's PTA prez next year and I can't let her upstage me. I'M ON YOUR HEELS, WOMAN.

4) 18 months. This girl is 18 months old in THREE days and oh my god I forgot how evil 18 month olds can be. It's the bipolar-ness of being 1.5 years old. Tantrums. Screeching. Hitting. Scratching. Followed by immediate remorse and screams of "I LAH MAMA!" (Translation: I love Mama!) "I LAH OAH!" (I love Noah!) and tight bear hugs. It's exhausting. But damn if she isn't the funniest, most expressive and energetic little girl. We all worship at the Church of Chloe and love her evil adorable ways.

Chloe, quick, make your Surprise Face!

Now give me Sad Face! Excellent work!

5) My boy. He's four (and a half, he'll be quick to point out) and just perfect in so many ways. Kindergarten registration is coming up and my heart is broken for that day to come but full day school in the fall! That just means 3pm is going to be even sweeter when we're reunited and hugging and chatting about our days. Or he'll stomp in, demand a snack, and retire to his room for Peace and Quiet. He's undecided. I'll leave with his latest gem, as told to his nanny today: "I'm going to poop because I'm a man and men poop. It's one of our jobs." His father is teaching him well.

Wrong throne, kid.

See you kids soon. If you're lucky.

(Family photo from our shoot in...September.)