Thursday, August 5, 2010

A little about me...feel free to skim

It’s been suggested by those who have gone before me, aka BlogHer attendees from years past, that I write a few interesting tidbits about my glowing personality so anyone who comes here after getting one of my business blog cards (thank you, husband, for mocking me) can see what I’m all about.  But then I laughed and laughed because in all reality I am not that interesting and just really good at pretending.

But, in the interest of being a team player, here you go:
  • I’m short and feel frumpy in flats but will most likely be wearing them because I feel silly in heels outside of the office.  Oh and my fabulous wedges broke a strap the other day and that rightfully pissed me off.
  • I used to be painfully shy. Then I went to college, joined a sorority (In The Bond, bitches) and got myself elected president. I am kind of really proud of that accomplishment even if all I did was act important and save us from social probation on more than one occasion.
  • As if you didn’t know, I am the mother to the world’s smartest two year old (proven) and the wife to a husband who thinks he can learn all he needs to know in life from the Discovery and History channels. Those addictions are why we can’t get rid of cable, not my love affair with Bravo.
  • I love my dog and hate my cat. There. I said it. I have become a cat discriminator.
  • I think wine on the back deck in the summer with friends and the kids running in circles is the best happy hour in the world.
  • I love lipsticks/glosses and forget everyday to reapply. To those of you who remember, I am supremely jealous of your shiny lips.
  • I live in a 130 year OLD OLD OLD house and bought it because of it’s “original! hardwood! floors! and! beautiful! white! trim!” and now I wish I lived in a brand new house. Squeaky floors lose their charm after the 100th time the baby wakes up when you walk down the hallway.
  • On the surface, I pretend I am a “just in case” kind of girl and I usually have a little cosmetics bag with basic necessities in my diaper bag. In reality, what I usually need is never in that little bag but the other moms always have it “just in case”. They drive me crazy.
  • I constantly feel like I am not “old enough” to be someone’s mom. I look at the other moms at daycare pick up and think “I bet they have it together and know what’s for dinner.”
  • Lastly, I get nervous meeting new people and will either be really outgoing to the point of scaring you or so painfully shy you’ll think I have never been allowed in public before. Hand me a cocktail and I’ll be ok.
There you have it, folks. I hope you like me if you meet me and if you already know me, feel free to tell everyone how fabulous I am. There may be a treat in store for you.


The Kovarik Family said...

You are a doll, Ashman. And I love you. xoxo

Sara said...

Janel gets a treat!

Shannon said...

Hope you have a great time! Let's plan a lunch when you get back!

Kristin said...

Wish I were with you gals in NYC! Give my Sam a hug for me. And also....I'm with you on the old ass hardwoods. I know EXACTLY which boards squeak the softest and must gingerly and silently hop from one to the next like a ninja to exit my daughters room each night.

k said...

I feel that you should also note that you give really good hugs...

Anonymous said...

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Lawyerish said...

I loved meeting you this weekend! You are just the cutest thing ever and I very much enjoyed horrifying all of the other deli diners (including K) as we shared birth stories over avocado clubs.


bessie.viola said...

LOVE love love this and I SO wish that I'd been there. That bullet about being "old enough" - oh hey look, it's suddenly ME writing your post!

I can't wait to see your pics and hear your re-cappy goodness.

Pocklock said...

I LOVED meeting you this weekend even if it was only for like 12-seconds and we had to scream to hear each other amidst the Sparklecorn madness. I hope to see you again soon!

Em said...

I totally relate with all you said -- with the exception of a husband who watches Discovery & History. Mine is addicted to Law & Order and ESPN. And, we can never get rid of cable because of "Mad Men" and "Roseanne" reruns.

I didn't attend BlogHer this year (currently 8 months prego), but I'm glad I came across your blog. Maybe next year in SD! :-)

Paige said...

I totally relate to the daycare pick-up bullet and the new people bullet. I am either freakishly outgoing or totally quiet. = )