Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oooh fun! *clap clap*

I'm stealing this from Not Raising Brats who stole it from K who got it from her big brain and now it is here. If you would, humor me and answer the following questions:

1. If you work outside of the home, do you change your clothes right when you walk in the door or not until you get in your jammies?

2. Do you exfoliate (pertaining to your facial routine) on a regular basis?

3. What is your very favorite pair of shoes? Links are encouraged.

4. Do you prefer chunky jewelry or simple and understated pieces?

Have at it.


Jennie said...

1. My office is casual so I don't change when I get home, but it drives Mike nuts. He's always like GET COMFORTABLE! TAKE YOUR JEANS OFF. Which sounds dirty, now that I type that out, but it's not when you're being yelled at, promise.

2. Uh, no.

3. These: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jenncanzo/2027180694/in/set-72157602830897440/. But, SADLY, they no longer fit. THANK YOU, KYLE.

4. Both.

Mary said...

1. Okay, I don't work outside the home, but I still change clothes when I get home. I've made it almost 6 months without the baby pooping on my fancy pants jeans. Can't say that much for my 'work out' pants...

2. yup.

3. I'm addicted to havaianas flip flops, http://us.havaianas.com/.

4. Simple and understated, for me, but I love chunky on other ladies.

MadameQueen said...

1. Dude, I'm barely in the door before I change into my momiform of yoga pants and a t-shirt.

2. I keep an exfoliator in the shower, but I use it maybe once a week.

3. Even though I have a million pairs of shoes, I'm not sure I have a favorite pair. I like these a good bit http://www.aerosoles.com/product1.asp?P=LASTICITY

4. If I'm going casual, I tend to go for simple and understated, but at work I wear a fair amount of chunky. But my go-to jewelry is my pair of pearl earrings and my watch.

Anonymous said...

1. I don't work outside the home, but the general rule is that as soon as the kid is in bed, I head to my own room to put on comfy clothes.

2. Yep, I use "Yes to Carrots" nightly which has mild exfoliant in it.

3. In the summer, it's Fit Flops:
and in winter it's my Ugg boots:

4. Simple and understated.

bessie.viola said...

Ooh, fun!

1). FIRST thing I do. THE VERY FIRST. Sometimes it's straight to the jammies, to be frank.

2). Yes! I love to exfoliate. I actually have forced myself on a break this week because my skin is feeling a little over-exfoliated and stretchy due to the weather changes.

3). Hmm... no link, but I have some bright red flats from Gap that I love. I need to go shoe shopping.

4). Simple, understated. Except for my recent obsession with biggish earrings; that I can't explain but I'm loving them right now.

And YOUR answers, ma'am?? :)

pseudostoops said...

1. Change immediately, often straight into jammies. (Is that sad?)

2. Nope. I have several products designed for exfoliating, but I'm lucky if I get my face washed before I head into bed.

3. For practical, I have a pair of Banana Republic open-toe tannish-yellow flats that I wear almost every day to work. For dressy, my favorite are a pair of dark red patent leather pumps that manage to be both hot and comfortable.

4. Chunky (and cheap).

AndreAnna said...

Man, my answers would have been so much cooler 6 months ago when I worked in an office.

Alas, now working from home, I am already IN comfy clothes all day, use Olay Regenerist Detoxifying Pore Scrub every morning, flip flops, and oh right, I DON'T WEAR JEWELRY BECAUSE I GO NOWHERE.


Anne said...

1. I change clothes the moment I walk into the door, and often those clothes ARE my jammies, because if I'm not going anywhere else that night, why not? But no matter what, I change Right Away, because we have three cats and I wear a lot of black dressy clothes at work, so that doesn't match well.
2. Nope. I use Philosophy Purity facewash and Philosophy Hope In A Jar face lotion, and that's it. No makeup, no other steps. The end.
3. My favorite shoes are the SADDEST OLD LADY SHOES EVER, because after I broke my heel and had other foot-related-issues resulting in MONTHS of physical therapy and SEVERAL shots into my heel (that hurts WORSE than you think it does, trust me), I have to wear prescription orthotics to keep the pain to a level where I can at least get about my day without dying. My feet hate me.
4. I prefer chunky jewelry, I guess. Or maybe moderately chunky? I don't want to feel like I'm wearing a wreath of stuff around my neck, but certainly more than a simple chain.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

OH, fun indeed!

1. Super casual work environment means what I wear to work is sometimes more comfortable than PJs ... thus, no changing when I get home.

2. Errrr, sure. And I'm also wrinkle free. heh.

3. A pair of green, open-toed wedge sandals I bought at that super cute shoe store (Traipse) on Lincoln!

4. Definitely chunky.

k said...

I love questions (and answers!)!

1. I don't do a full change unless I'm wearing a dress. But pants and anything else that is pinchy always comes off lickety-split.

2. I so exfoliate regularly--with that old school St. Ives stuff. I tend to break out if I don't.

3. Hmmm. Favorite pair of shoes. Oh, probably any number of the Jessica Simpson ballet flats. Love them all.

4. I don't have enough creativity to work with chunky jewelery--it kind of confounds me. So I wear the wedding ring and the diamond earrings from Husband everyday. Maybe a watch. I know. Sassy.

Lawyerish said...

1. I change after I've greeted Felicity and chatted with our nanny for a while, and sometimes after I've given F a bottle and started dinner. And I change straight into PJs since at that point it's already after 7, and who am I kidding?

2. I use this JASON brand apricot scrub from Whole Foods about once a week in the shower.

3. My FitFlops. Sad, but true. They are not cute, but they are so comfy and were my footwear of choice all summer long.

4. Simple and understated. Almost delicate. And classic -- diamond studs, a classic string of pearls, or a simple but modern piece that sparkles a little.

samantha said...

Theo hasn't even gotten his shoes off before I'm in my jammies. Seriously. I change before I pee, THAT'S how much I want out of my work clothes.

I use the same face stuff as AA and it has scrubbies in it.

I'm obsessed with the Gap City Flats I wore around BlogHer. I seriously want another pair in another color. They are PERFECT with skinny jeans. Normally I'm in cheap flip flops during the hotter months, and when it gets Chicago Cold I'll be in my fake Uggs.

I like both kinds of jewlery depending on the outfit and situation. I'm trying to be more bold in the necklace department.

Michelle said...

1. I don't usually do a full change until I get ready for bed. The husband, however, gets into his pjs the moment he walks in the door if we don't plan on going anywhere else.

2. My face wash has an exfoliant in it.

3. I have a fabulous pair of fall flats that have a big chunky orange jewel on them. I love them and will cry when I wear them out.

4. I like both depending on what I'm wearing. Day-to-day, I wear simple.

Hillary said...

1. Instant change -- unless we're very late getting home, in which case I get dinner started/bottles washed and then change.

2. no

3. Red flats

4. Day-to-day simple, but getting more statement jewelry is on my to-do list.

Paige said...

I usually change when I get home, but only because my husband always reminds me to. If he didn't I would probably wear my pencil skirt all night because I forget that it's not really as comfortable as my pair of stretchy pants.
I exfoliate once a week - my skin is sensitive and I can't do it more often. I use some kind of eco-friendly apricot scrub by Jason.
Hmmm....maybe my Banana Republic wedges (no link avail!) or black heels (I think these are the pair - got 'em on super sale for $30!):
I'm not a jewelry person...I don't think I've actually ever bought myself any jewelry. I just wear whatever my husband has given me or hand-me-downs from my mom, which is all simple.

Fun questions!