Monday, November 29, 2010

Hook line and sinker

I totally bought into this Elf on the Shelf idea. 100%. I will not apologize for my blatant love of all things Christmas-y. I love Santa. I love twinkle lights (I call them Christmas lights, however they're used). I love swags of garland and holiday music that starts playing the day after Halloween (yes, that is stretching it a little but that's a-ok with me). I love the smell of fresh cut evergreens (or candles!) and the big, red blooms of the poinsettia. I love that I get to buy my son ornaments every holiday season, reflective of what he loved so much that year. It's a train this year, naturally.

When I heard about the Elf on the Shelf idea a few weeks ago I knew it was right up my alley. The idea is that this elf reports back to Santa every night to tell him whether the little one was naughty or nice and then returns to a different spot in the morning, perhaps causing some mischief along the way. Extra Christmas-y? Check. Totally ridiculous and child-like? Awesome. Extra good behavior reinforcement? Count me in.What I didn't like was the price: $35 for a little elf and a book? Not going to happen. And that one is slightly creepy looking. Agreed? Last weekend I struck gold at Hobby Lobby and found an adorable stuffed elf for $4.99...and then 50% off that. Scrounge around the internet for some "elf" ideas and I have a $2.50 version of Elf on the Shelf.

Meet "Dabo the Elf", as named by Noah:

We're two days into our mischief and I'm pretty sure Noah is going to be in tears when Christmas comes and goes and so does our elf. So far "Dabo" has found his way into Noah's stocking, Noah's boot, on the shelf with the dinner plates, and up on the chandelier. Tim thinks I am getting far more enjoyment out of this elf than Noah. Perhaps. But I don't mind one bit.


Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Who says you have to save that idea for the 2-year olds? I'm gonna use it on Sweets! =)

samantha said...

I LOVE THE NEW HEADER! I wanna see more pictures!

Noah is so damn cute. Dabo is a crazy guy!

Anonymous said...

I love the new header, too! Awesome!!!

My MIL bought us the Elf on the Shelf a few years ago, I'd never heard of it. But I love love love it! It's so much fun (except the times I forget to move him, then have to distract child while furiously trying to make adjustments) and I really do enjoy hiding him in new places every day.

k said...

Oh, snap!

I am SO going to Hobby Lobby at lunch to snagglepuss an elf. (And I need an Advent calendar, so there's that.)

Love love loving the picture above.

Erica said...

VERY cool!

Rougie said...

Awesome. Just awesome. The elf. The new header. All of it.

Lauren said...

Love your header!! So adorable!