Thursday, March 28, 2013

Vacation all I ever wanted

This is an extremely self-indulgent post but I'm trapped in my cubicle right now, haven't seen the sun in months and am about to run screaming to the airport and demand to be boarded on the next plane to Tahiti. In lieu of an imminent arrest for attempting to illegally board a plane, let's talk travel. Otherwise known as: I'm going to tell you where I'm going this year and then you're going to tell me where you're going.

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Specifically, we're taking the kids here. Perhaps because we are overindulgent parents who jump when their young son comes home from school one day in the middle of March saying "Mom, all of my friends are going to Florida for spring break. Where are we going?" *cue frantic internet search* Seeing as flights to Florida were turning up in the thousands of dollars range to fly all of us down there we settled on a Midwest indoor water park. A "stay-cation" if you will. Or a "Mom and Dad are totally poor since we're trying to build you the most amazing playroom/basement in the entire world". Yeah, more like that.

San Francisco, California. IMMA GOIN' BY MAHSELF. My oldest, dearest friend Tina (seriously...I've known this fabulous chick since we were 8) is having herself a wee baby girl in May and I made it my mission to get out there to see Baby P as soon as possible. I'm so excited to snuggle and snuffle and snorf that baby and possibly steal her away in my suitcase. I will also get to see some adorable and fantastic bloggy/twitter friends and I LOVE WHEN THAT HAPPENS.

Indiana Dunes. Beach Weekend 2013. We do this every year but in the past it was just for the day. This year we decided to go for the whole weekend and we're going to meet up with a couple other families and it's going to be so much fun. Splashing and beaching and sunning and just all around break from the Big City.

Charleston, South Carolina. Oh yeahhhhhhhh. THIS.  Last year was New Orleans (never did write that recap post, damn) and this year we're going to SC and doing it up right. I hear there is lounging planned. With some more lounging on the side. I leave on my birthday which means that all the ladies there are going to witness my birthday antics. They better come prepared for cocktails and cupcakes. Many cocktails and cupcakes.

I hear it MIGHT reach 50 degrees this weekend but I won't hold my breath. Oh wait, yes I will, underwater at the water park looking for the baby's pacifier that she will use as a Make Mommy Practice Diving Device. Should be wicked fun.

Any upcoming travels have you kids all in a lather?


Jessica said...

Yay, Charleston! (and birthdays!)

stephanie said...

I'm headed to Puerto Rico in TWO WEEKS!!!! I cannot wait. I haven't been to the beach (or swimming in a non-gym pool) since my honeymoon in November 2010.

I'm bummed to miss out on your birthday in Charleston. I'd totally be prepared for cocktails and cupcakes. And lounging. Alas, Blathering is not in the cards this year.

Lauren said...

We are taking Nate on a Disney cruise in about a month, and I'm beside myself with excitement over this stupid cruise. You'd think *I* was the member of our family guaranteed to lose his/her mind over Mickey Mouse. (I'm not.) Can't wait to see Nate loving it all.

k said...

Mexico! The dunes with you! Charleston!


Michelle said...

Your birthday AND the BLATHERING? We are going to party like it's 1999. Or sip cocktails and lounge around. Because I don't think I can party like it's 1999 anymore.

Kristin said...

Completely jealous of your upcoming Charleston trip. I miss South Carolina - it's been fifteen years...