Friday, May 15, 2009

I better take more photos before his 10 month letter...

Oh my gosh! I just realized that you haven't seen pictures of the baby in SUCH A LONG TIME! You don't come here for my drivel. You come here for baby pictures. I am so sorry I have bored you to tears lately. Your patience is well rewarded...right now.

Note: I did not edit or enhance any of these photos because a) I am lazy today and b) I am trying to make a point to my husband that he has to install Photoshop on my computer as it is doing no good in the box and I'm sorry but Photoshop Express just isn't cutting it anymore.  So my apologies for the poor lighting and semi-craptastic photos.  At least the subject is cute.

 Oh look!  He can STAND.  And he who stands, does not sit.  Ever.

It is quite the conundrum picking out a toy.  Which shall it be?

Ah!  The one at the BOTTOM of the toy box.  (And please excuse my messy, messy family room.)

Victory!  Also, this is his usual toybox stance...legs spread wide and arms outflung.  It's really kind of hilarious.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, he is so darn cute! And getting so big! Your adage is completely true - "he who stands does not sit." Hilarity.

And also, I missed the pictures with the mess... ? ;)