Tuesday, December 8, 2009

16 months can BEAT IT

I blame each and every one of you with a child older than 16 months for not telling me. For not telling me that my dear, beloved, mild tempered child was going to turn into a whining, pinching, throwing, leech-like creature in his 16th month. It's all your fault and you ARE going to share blame with me for his bad behavior. Not only is he cantankerous, he's also deliberate in his evil ways. He looks me square in the eye before he throws his sippy cup halfway across the kitchen. He makes sure I'm paying attention before he attempts to throw himself off the couch onto the coffee table. His methods are sure and fast and he knows he'll get maximum response the more dangerous the behavior. He's shifty. He's rascally. He's a...toddler. And it's all your fault for not warning me.

Also, as evidenced by the following video, he's easily suggestible. Keep in mind, he did NOT fall down nor did he hit his head. I can totally use this to my benefit, no?


Anonymous said...

I love the video!!
The throwing of the sippy cup is horrid, isn't it? You wouldn't think it was such a travesty, but our living room rug is covered it tiny black stain spots and my husband is reduced to a Neanderthal trying to explain how "we put the cup down GENNN-TAAL". Oh, I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't go outside and stroll around the block with J. I might be reduced to beatings. :) Instead we get in the stroller and walk until both of us calm down.

k said...

My bad about not informing you..but at least you're now "in the know."

If he's not doing it yet, just wait until he pulls what we call The 1960s Protestor; the ability to go completely limp and spineless when under duress.