Thursday, March 11, 2010

Daily toddler bulletin

Why did no one tell me that the day your toddler starts using multiple words strung together is the BEST day ever?  A whole new world of understanding and comprehension has opened it's doors to us.  This morning, before we even got out of bed, I heard these small squawks:

Choo-choo tracks?
Ride choo choo go
Mama do choo choo
Dadiiiiieee (da-die, his new word for daddy) work go?
Dadiiiieeee  hooooome?

Yes, there is a theme.  His days consist of begging for trains (to play with, to watch on the tv, to go visit and stand under to watch them whooooooosh over our heads), sending Daddy off to work, waiting for Daddy to come home, and wishing Mommy had those awesome bubbles from music class to play with.

Noah's language skills are just exploding.  He's mimicking every word I say (good AND bad) and starting to get a hang of that pesky "s".  "Yes" has evolved from an enthusiastic head nod accompanied by grunting to an enthusiastic head nod accompanied by a high pitched "YESSHHHHH!".  He likes to "go!", "do!", and the classic "Mama do!" (Mama does a lot around here, kid, don't you forget it.)  He has conversations with himself and his toys and is beginning to partake in a little imaginative play.

I know this is a) boring to those of you without children and b) old hat to those of you with children but these small milestones just excite me to no end.  It reassures me that I AM teaching my child...that he is growing and learning and maturing.  We're definitely turning that corner from baby-dom to little kid-ville.

 Waiting for the L last weekend...his first train ride!

Seriously, this was the highlight of his LIFE thus far.  Choo-choo!


Anonymous said...

Loved this post! I wholeheartedly agree that talking is FUN. This morning I was giddy to hear my kid say "Cracker!" Also, you photography skills are getting reeeeally good. What are you doing differently?

k said...

The sentences! They're FABULOUS!

Of course, we now have to watch how often we say "douche" and "assface," but still! It's worth it.

Rougeneck said...

My little nephew LOVES trains and buses and all things with wheels. So much so that my germophobe brother puts his issues aside and takes his son on the subway (they live in NYC) once a week. My nephew LOVES it. My brother? Not so much. Enjoy this special time. And lots of future choo choos!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I LOVE the sentences too! They break my heart with the cuteness. I posted about this today, but when she wakes up she now calls "MUMMA! I smiling!"

Not a bad way to start the day.

He is beyond cute... the CHEEKS! NOM.

Michelle said...

I love the sentences. And they just seem to come out of nowhere. Peanut's first sentence was "Dada said mama sleep" as she was crawling on top of me as I was, in fact, trying to sleep. It was too cute for me to be upset.

Hillary said...

Language acquisition is the BEST. The Boy suddenly and without warning graduated to professing opinions. "Um, that sound a little bit good," he told me the other night after I told him what we were having for dinner.

Anonymous said...
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