Monday, March 7, 2011

Random thoughts on a Monday

I have a cracked rib from coughing so much these last couple of weeks. Doc says “So sorry, here’s a Tylenol” which sounds to me a lot like “Totally sucks that you’re pregnant and we can’t give you those lovely Vicodin jobbies.” Grrrrrrr.

Noah had a pukefest from 5pm until 11pm last night and was magically feeling better this morning. No fever, kept his breakfast down, begged to play trains. I couldn’t get him to school fast enough. That makes me a terrible parent, I know. But some other kid in that class gave him the germs in the first place. What goes around comes around. (Or it might have been Noah licking the door at the children’s museum on Saturday…whose child does that? MINE, of course.)

I had a conversation with a divorce attorney today (for WORK, not MYSELF) and she was a BULLY. She kept trying to make me back down on our position in this specific matter and I would not do so…she told me she would have a judge send me a court order to give her what she wants. I happily told her to go right ahead…judges don’t scare me; especially when this judge will laugh in her face and deny her motion. Haha, suck it, sister.

By the way, I am not an attorney but I do believe what I have learned in my chosen line of work is on par with what most people take away from law school (in this specific field of law…not ALL law, calm down you real lawyers with your degrees). So many of my clients already think I am a lawyer that I have stopped correcting them. Now if only I was PAID as well as a lawyer…must work on that.

Today’s lunch was brilliant: hunk of sourdough bread, slices of extra sharp cheddar cheese and a smearing of blackberry jam. It’s like a picnic at my desk. And shhh, I am having a Diet Coke. Alert the Pregnancy Police!

How is your Monday/weekend?


A'Dell said...

Puke is the worst. I'd pick a lot of yucky kid things to deal with before I picked puke. UGH.

And a cracked rib? That sounds awful. how soon will it heal? I'm thinking that ribs heal slowly...right?

On the upside, your lunch sounds awesome and I am totally copying it one day this week. There is nothing I love more than bread and cheese. YUM.

k said...

I would've sent Ezra packing to school too.

samantha said...

Oh Noah and your licking door handle ways.

I'm glad he's better.

And dude for realz? A cracked rib? Lawdy. So it will heal on it's own then? Good thing you make cute babies.

Erica said...

Yeah, I agree with the daycare germs thing. They are all in a big pool of germs together. Lots of times they were contagious before the symptoms even show up.

little miss mel said...

Rt licked his hand, then the doctor office doorknob, then his hand again.

Doctor said, "Worst case, diarrhea."


I drink one diet coke everyday with lunch. I have no shame. :)

Glad the boy seems better and is back in school!!

Home Sweet Sarah said...

Goodness is there anything better than big ol' chunks of sharp cheddar cheese? I have been going through one of those GIANT blocks of Tillamook cheese every two weeks.

bessie.viola said...

Yikes. The rib sounds awful, and on top of a no wine/no vicodin mandate? Torture. I hope it heals quickly for you!

I'm glad Noah is feeling better... I thought my kid was the only doorknob/any random object licker around. I am strangely comforted.

My weekend was uneventful and full of sleep. I think I have mono, or something simliar, because I cannot.stop.sleeping. In fact, I'm kind of lusting for some sleep right now!

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Your attorney experience reminds me of an experience I had with a real estate attorney. When I bought my first place, the attorney representing the seller was a beast. Even though everything worked out fine for me, I felt run over by a truck. I kept thinking, next time I want her on my side of the table. And you know what? When I went to sell my first place, I hired her to represent me in the sale. =)