Friday, March 11, 2011


Bad decision: A chocolate candy bar with an Oreo chaser for a mid-afternoon snack.

Good decision: Five gallons of water consumed today (or thereabouts).

Bad decision: Pre-pregnancy pants with the Bella Band. Constant rear end slippage.

Good decision: Wearing long tunic-type top to cover above mentioned slippage.

Bad decision: Leaving phone where toddler could find it.

Good decision: Catching it moments before he threw it in the toilet. Mommy instinct for the win!

Bad decision: Waiting to eat until husband got home and ending up all sorts of cranky.

Good decision: Sending husband back out for chinese food immediately upon his arrival home.

What were your good/bad decisions for today?


k said...

Good decision: Having that second mocha of the day
Bad decision: Not working out

Good decision: Being helpful with a student
Bad decision: Not correcting him when he called me "hon"

Erica said...

The only good solution for pregnancy and clothes is mu-mu dresses. Lucky for me I had the bulk (and I do mean the BULK) of my pregnancy in the summer. Hang in there.
I am not feeling too much of a bad decision in these parts today, not bragging at all, it's just Friday and all is right with the world. So excited for your new arrival!

Paige said...

Oh, Bella Band, how I love you. But yeah, I have ass slippage all the time. Fortunately my long shirts and sweaters cover anything too unsightly.
Hope you're feeling well!

Mary said...

Bad decision: Letting 3 year old take sugary cereal to bed with her tonight. Um, but I haven't been called back to her room, so maybe it was a good decision...

You know, there is just not an elegant way to walk around with your pants undone. Damn you Bella Band and your false since of security! (I had three of them. Hey, less pricey than new pants, and you get to say you still fit in your jeans, sort of.)