Thursday, May 26, 2011

20 Weeks (2 weeks late)

Here we are (or, erm, were, two weeks ago)!

We're half way to September 30th. On one hand, hooray for being half way done baking this baby! On the other, it is going to be one long, hot summer without margaritas and chilled Sauv Blanc on the deck.

How embarrassing that the stair painting project is STILL not done. This working plus child-rearing thing is really putting a crimp in my productivity around the house. It's too bad I can't kick either job to the curb to free up some time. (Mom, I'm joking...I would totally give you first dibs on Noah.) Maybe by the time I take a 24 week photo that painter's tape will be down. But don't hold your breath.

In other news, we're trying out a name (first and middle) for this baby. Tim is decided on it while I am decidedly NOT decided. If we pick it, and it is THE name, I will share it here. For now, we're keeping mum while I make up my mind. Not to beat this horse to death, but picking a girl's name is painful for me (like ripping off a band-aid painful, not like I tear up at the mention of a specific name or anything). I have a hundred boys' names that I adore and love but girls' names elude me. I LIKE a lot of them. I just can't find The One.

How did you pick your kid(s) names? Did you happen upon one and just KNOW? We knew with Noah and had it decided before he was even conceived. This one though? NO CLUE. (Side note: during that same conversation where we picked out our future son's name we also chose a girl's name...that we then used on the damn DOG. Idiots.)


Hillary said...

You look fabulous.

The Boy is Rhys Owen. It felt perfect when we landed on it after much discussion, and it is perfect for him.

The Lad is Wes Avett. I was not initially sold on Wes, but we, like you, tried it out in utero. It was the only name we both liked and felt worked with our last name. The more I said it, the more it felt right, and it is just perfect for him. He is my little Wesdebeest.

Sara said...

Ok, see, LOVE your boys' names. LOVE. They're perfect.

Jessica said...

You have a hundred boys names? I'm not even 100% sold on the ONE we picked. My daughter's name I LOVE. The boy's is just...a good enough name. I'm sure it will become "him" and I'll love it someday, but I'm still rather lukewarm about it.

The Kovarik Family said...

What about Seth? That is my third child's name, as you know I cannot have one. I gift it to you. Bad ass, Biblical (can I say those two words together??) Seth Smith? :0)

The Kovarik Family said...

Nina Smith? Girl? See, I do not even THINK of girls either! And LOL on Lily!!

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Reading your comments, I think I have to second Seth. It's my brother's name and Sweets' middle name. Total bad ass name. Noah and Seth. Kind of nice. But, don't worry, I take nothing personally if you hate the name. ha.

Our name came to us by executive vote. We'd each bring home names (over the course of months). Both of us had to like the name and it had to pass our rules (strict rules) for it to be added to our list. Gavin was added fairly early and every other name we liked didn't measure up. Cole, his middle name, seemed to go well with Gavin, passed our litmus tests and we both liked it. We didn't stress too much over names.

Cupcake Mama said...

You look so cute! We decided after spending 4 days with her that she was most certainly Ella. I loved Piper, Harper and Pippa (now that is not a possibility) but husband liked Eleanor (blargh)

Erica said...

You are gorgeous. I will have a margarita today in your honor. GGC posted the names she is not using yesterday and I liked quite a few of them. Of course, some were really strange but it got me thinking. We had a baby name book and it was a hot mess. I gave my mom one and that was an even worse idea. She literally called me with these name ideas:
I was like really mom? What about Courvousier?
Uri thought of the name Anna after a long and ridiculous process.

Michelle said...

What a lovely photo. And I can't wait to hear the name you picked out. I LOVE picking out baby names.

We agreed on both names fairly easily. The first time was easier. The second time, it took about an hour of suggesting names out of the baby book before we came to Madeline, looked at each other and knew that was it.

Maggie said...

I am also looking forward to the alcohol-free summer. Sob.
We have a name... Picking names for the first two wad torture. Turns out I really loved a rejected boy name and a girl name we thought was too popular when Molly was born. Now I've decided I nO longer care about popularity and we're already calling the baby by a name, which we've never done.

Also, as a Maggie who is mom to a Molly, I strongly disapprove of dogs with people names!!! :)

k said...

Son of a biscuit, name picking would be easier without husbands, wouldn't it? (Heh.)

We picked Ezra's name (named after T's father) while dating. His middle name (Daniel) is my father's.

For the second pregnancy, we struggled. Two first names! Two middle names! GAH! As a result, we picked them rather last minute, but it all shook out.

P.S. I really liked the name Solomon, but T was worried we'd look like Bible thumpers if we had an Ezra and a Solomon.

Paige said...

First of all, you look awesome.

Secondly, I am having the polar opposite dilemma - I have 87 zillion girl names, and of course I am having a boy. I find boy's names VERY difficult. We have a list of some we like, but so far nothing has reached up, grabbed me by the throat and yelled "USE ME!" Then again, we didn't decide on Carter's name until I was holding him in my arms in the delivery room. So there you go.

My fave girl name is probably Parker, but then again, I'm into boy names for girls. Strangely, I was also really feeling Sasha for this baby, as a tribute to my husband's Russian-ness.

Good luck! And if you're so inclined, please, please pass some boy names my way!