Thursday, February 2, 2012

Chloe, Four Months

Well now, I'm glad THAT'S over. By THAT I mean the first three months. The first three months of a new baby's life are probably the most stressful for the family. There is so much adjustment and lack of control over anything. I'm so happy we've finally made it to four months and started to move past all of that. Now the fun really begins.
Um, baby girl dresses are my weakness. Why didn't you all TELL ME???

At four months, Chloe is the absolute happiest baby I have ever met. I may be partial but this girl truly smiles all day long. 

She's constantly showing off this smile to everyone she sees and causing a ruckus with the old ladies at the grocery store. They can't seem to get enough of her. I love that she's so naturally happy and I hope that demeanor sticks with her. It would serve her well in life.

She weighs in at 14 lbs, 2 oz and measures 24.75 inches long. According to her pediatrician, she's growing right on track and hitting her milestones right on time. Perfectly perfect. Full admission here but when the ped asked if she was "hitting her milestones" I had to ask him to remind me what they are at 4 months. There's that second kid syndrome again. For the record, she's rolling from tummy to back consistently, has found her fingers and toes and can grab and bring toys to her mouth. I think those are the major gross motor ones, right?

She's not sleeping through the night and I've given up on trying to make that happen. Some kids do it, some kids don't. Noah did, Chloe doesn't. Whatever. She's up at least twice but she's a fast nurser and goes back to sleep almost immediately. She's also a champ at putting herself to sleep and I know how lucky we are in that department. The only issue I see is that she refuses a pacifier and has found out how to suck on her thumb. We're in the thick of trying to get Noah off the finger sucking and I was so hoping that Chloe wouldn't follow suit. It's still early and I'll keep prying that thumb out of her mouth and stuffing a pacifier in so we'll see what happens.

Her eyes are a beautiful blue-gray and she has these ears that stick out in such a darling way. I have no idea where those ears came from but I love that they make her HER. She's lost most of her dark newborn hair and it's being replaced with a covering of pale peach fuzz that you can barely see. When we're out and about we get a lot of compliments on our "little boy", never mind for the pale pink coat she's always sporting :)

Chloe has such a calm demeanor and rarely gets herself worked up. She's content to hang out in the Bumbo or on her playmat, just observing her world as it goes on. If her big brother is hanging around, she's got her eyes locked on him and watches him intently. I can already see that she's learning so much from him...I better make sure it's all good stuff and none of this newfound Evil Superhero Business he's been partaking in. Noah is truly the sweetest big brother; she's so lucky to have him.

To be honest, I'M so lucky to have HER. I didn't know how much I wanted a daughter until she arrived and everyday I find myself more in love. Chloe's brought a feeling of contentment and completion to our family. The four of us feels really, really good.


Jessica said...

Paul has started sucking his thumb, too. I sucked mine until I was 7 (cringe), so as you can imagine, I'm thrilled.

The first 3 months are actually my favorite (if there's no colic, obv). They're so sleepy and snuggly and so easy to put back to sleep by feeding (even if you have to hold them to keep them asleep). It's once they hit 6 months I start having a hard time - they're so desperate to MOVE and GO PLACES, yet they can't and OMG the whining.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Reading this post made me really REALLY happy - I think it's because you are genuinely happy, so I get to be genuinely happy for you.

And what's up with the thumb v. pacifier gig? Gavin NEVER found his thumb, but took to a pacifier immediately. On the bright side (for you), Chloe can't lose her thumb, so it's always there to self-soothe. The pacifier? Always seems to be lost in the middle of the night! =)

k said...

I want to snuffle her.

Erica said...

All good!

Jennifer said...

I always feel like I can BREATHE a little better after those first three months! And then after the next three, when they turn 6 months, it's like rounding another corner. Not that I don't love babies but... it's tough, yo.


Janel K. said...

I wish I was your neighbor so that I could hold her and see her all of the time...and you. :0)

Life of a Doctor's Wife said...

Oh wow - she is so beautiful! What lovely photos!