Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I Choose Door #3

We've made it through the first week with flying colors! Or, more appropriately, flying boxes! Rooms are arranged, boxes are (mostly) unpacked, and the animals are still alive. I think it has been a most productive first week. My question to you is this: we have three bedrooms. The first is clearly ours, the second will be a guest room for all of our lovely (albeit marginally intoxicated at the time) friends, and the third . . .well, it WAS a nursery. It will most likely be a nursery again. In the future. But for now, it needs a new identity. Part of me loves the idea of an office, but seriously? I have my own pretty cube at work (I'm not there now, typing this, no way, never, shhhhhh), and I don't EVER do work from home. Yay for banker's hours! What would be the point of having a home office? So I can read even MORE blogs?

Tim needs one, and he has succesfully turned the basement into his own version of the man cave. He's all set. He just needs a fridge. And that is against my better judgment. So, what should I do with my third bedroom for the time being? Right now it is a lovely shade of green with tiny Winnie the Pooh stencils. Sorry, but I don't like the Pooh. That will most definitely be going far, far away. So I will have to paint--preferably something that does not need to be changed when we turn it back into a nursery.

Besides an office, what is another use for an empty room? Should I go all Candy Spelling and have a gift wrap room? Nope, too much pressure come the holidays when everyone will expect a beautifully appointed gift. (If you didn't catch it, that is a pretty pathetic excuse NOT to have a gift wrap room. A more appropriate excuse would be that I don't want to be associated with Candy Spelling. Now Tori? Maybe. Her show is funny!) A craft room? A storage room? A shut the door and stop obsessing over it for god's sake room?

Pictures to come, I promise!!! I can't find the power cord to my computer at home, so I will have to do some digging. Continue waiting with bated breath. . .

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Danielle said...

Just a suggestion-- Room #3 could have two storage purposes- a) all the decorating magazines we collectively get and b) all the things I accidentally leave when I come over?