Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It's a beige world

When I moved into Tim's condo, he had painted only one wall in the whole place. He painted the brick red dining "room" and fireplace. It was . . . a bold choice of color. I decided that I wanted to paint the master bedroom, upstairs hallway, and downstairs powder room. They had been contractor white for far too long. He pretty much let me choose whichever color I wanted and each room ended up a beautiful shade of . . . beige. Tim complained and complained about the beige and told anyone who would listen that I picked the safest, most boring non-color ever.

Now, when I open my new Domino or Elle Decor, I naturally gravitate towards rooms that are not drenched in color. I like the calming influence of neutrals. Some may consider that boring, but it's just me. I can't help it. Fast forward to the new house where we have some beige walls, and some red walls, and some yellow and green walls. Last night I pulled out the Benjamin Moore color wheel (we didn't steal it! the painter left it at the last place!) to peruse some possible colors. I settled on three colors for our master bedroom, a light greenish-gray, a pale blue-gray, and a very neutral beige. The beige was there for comparison sake only. I gave Tim the swatches and asked his opinion. He took one look and pointed to the beige. My mouth hit the floor. And he wasn't kidding.

Now, when I end up with a beige house, you know who to blame.

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Danielle said...

Yes, yes, I identified the Japanese Maple and Red River Birches and agreed to supervise the removal of all plants unnecessary. Add "personal gardener" to my resume after "decorating advisor and all knowing seer," thank you. Oh, and dog walker. I won't even go into that story....