Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Can't think of a lame title for this lame filler post

Whoa. When did it become September? I woke up to a chilly house this morning since Chicago went into a deep freeze state last night. Ok, not a deep freeze but it was definitely below 55 degrees this morning. And that is way too cold for September. It's indicative of summer ending and fall beginning and I just can't have that quite yet. I suppose my summer didn't feel like much of one since we spent the majority of it waiting for Noah's arrival. And since then the days and nights blur together in a haze of walks, soothing, naps, bad reality television, nursing, rocking, shhhing, and smiles. Speaking of, check out the awesome smile my friend D got yesterday from the little man:

Such a cheeky one that kid.

Not much new to report over here. Like I said, the days blur together. Posting may be light until the urge to write just takes over my fingers and I can tap tap tap out something witty for you. Or until Noah smiles again and the world cannot go on unless I post evidence of said smile here. No one gets tired of smiling baby pictures, right? RIGHT?


Anonymous said...

On the topic of bad reality shows, stay away from the Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo. Just stay far away. It looks like a horrid, vapid waste of airspace.

Danielle said...

Nope, no one ever gets tired of them. At least not my mother and I!