Friday, September 26, 2008

My apologies

We have a problem. A big problem. I hesitate to share it with you for fear you may look at me a little, um, differently. Ok, here goes: I am obsessed with Gossip Girl. Like the can't miss an episode and no, watching it the next day on the DVR does not work for me kind of obsessed. I am ashamed. Truly ashamed. This show is so damn addicting and maybe it's because lately I am starting to feel, shall we say, older, that I am drawn to a show about uber-privileged 18 year olds with a penchant for Chanel bags and Chloe dresses.  In my defense the show does have some kick-ass music, but that's pretty true of most prime time dramas these days.  So, every Monday from here on out will be devoted to the Upper East Side, Serena and Dan, Blair and Chuck, and Nate's unfortunate choices in women.  I'm so sorry.  

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