Thursday, September 4, 2008

Is this better?

We're ok! I mean, the baby is still yelling about some massive injustice in the world (my guess is Sarah Palin and her god awful hair was slightly better at the convention yesterday since she decided to leave the banana clip at home)but I look better, yes?

I received numerous emails and messages after yesterday's post asking if I was ok and if the baby was ok and if I am thinking of jumping off a bridge, ad infinitum. Thank you for your concerns and I would like to reassure you that we are doing just fine. That particular picture was taken on a rough, no-sleep day (NOT yesterday). In fact, I even blow dryed my hair yesterday because the baby slept for 3 whole hours straight! And put on make-up! I looked FANTASTIC if I do say so myself.

What's helping is that I have finally decided to keep a sleep/feed/diaper log for Noah's day so I can look back and know exactly how much he's sleeping/eating/pooping etc. It really helps me keep things in perspective. Why I didn't do this before is beyond me. Looking back over the past three days, he's actually sleeping pretty well and definitely eating plenty. We have a good routine for bedtime down which I am going to protect come hell or high water. He is now almost 7 weeks and we are starting to encourage him to put himself to sleep. I've been putting him down drowsy and half asleep rather than rocking or nursing him until he's completely asleep. It's been trial and error but for the most part he's catching on. I've also stopped rushing to him the minute he makes a peep while he's sleeping. The video monitor we bought is a godsend for that. I can watch him and see exactly when he's waking up rather than just fussing while asleep. I've also been giving him infant gas drops to help with his gas issues...hopefully we'll see progress in the next week.

Again, thank you for your concern and your messages of understanding. Each day that goes by gets better and better with this little guy. I mean, can he get any cuter?


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Anonymous said...

He looks gorgeous in that b&w button-down shirt! Sorry, I guess since I'm often in an identical sleep deprived boat, I forgot to ask if you were okay and not suffering from a scary depression. Enjoy your good hair days! Kudos.