Thursday, June 25, 2009

Because I am impatient and can't NOT share

We had Noah's first birthday photo shoot today with our good friend K. This is just one shot I got before she arrived to take Noah's picture. Her photos will be spectacular but I'm pretty proud of the few I was able to take. More to come.

(Doesn't adding the "vignette" treatment to the photo make it SO much better? Like an actual professional took it...when we clearly know that is not the case AT ALL.)


midwestyank said...

Sara, this is wonderful. I love reading about Noah, especially when I can't be there to watch him grow. Can't wait to see you in July. Love ya, Aunt Nancy

Anonymous said...

He is SO CUTE! I cannot believe he's going to be one soon!

Love all the balloons. :)

Anonymous said...

So cute Sara!

Keri said...

I love the picture-- and I think it looks very professional!!!