Thursday, June 4, 2009

Breaking up is NOT hard to do

Is it something about approaching the two year mark of living in a house and everything starts falling apart?  In the span of one month we have 1) a broken refrigerator water line which caused water damage in the basement from a slow leak over WEEKS, 2) flooded our washing machine which in turn dripped into our dining room below, 3) broken the garbage disposal, 4) have a leaky faucet in the kitchen sink, 5) broken the screen on the (brand spankin' new and expensive) screen door and 6) a AC unit that appears to have a leak that requires a possible repair to the tune of $1,100.   To be honest, some of those things we put into the house after we moved in, but still.  It's like my house is starting to mock me when we have the least amount of money available for repairs.

Me:  Ooooh, I could really use a new pair of jeans that actually fit or maybe a new pair of flats for the summer.

House:  No way, lady.  All your money is going straight to service/repair men who will try to swindle you because you're that woman, at home with her screaming baby, looking like she can't put up a decent fight over the price of the repair.  Suck it up.  And forget about the jeans.

Me: Damn it.

House:  I win.  You lose.

I give this house so much love and affection and clean it every week like a good little homeowner.  The least it can do is be nice to me and STOP FALLING APART.   There is something to be said about being a renter...House, you're on notice.  Knock this shit off or we're DONE.


Anonymous said...

Ugh. Houses are ornery bastards, aren't they? LOVE your little conversation with yours.

Ours likes to withhold information, as in: Hey! You wanna new bathroom floor? GOOD LUCK! Once you rip up that linoleum, you're gonna find a GIANT HOLE! And you're going to have to JACK UP THE SUPPORTS! Suckers.

Maybe I should put mine on notice, too. Let me know if it helps. :)

Christine said...

I hear ya...we need a new garbage disposal and our roof needs to be re-shingled (Is that a word? I'm new at this...) UG.

Hilary said...


Jenna said...

I feel your pain :)