Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pull out your thinking caps

So the Big First Birthday is fast approaching us and I am having trouble coming up with gift ideas for Noah from Tim and I.  Can you help me?  

Here are my stipulations:
1) Cannot be crazy expensive because
a) We are broke;
b) Noah doesn't care if it's 50 cents or 50 dollars.
2) Must be meaningful;
3) Can even be something I make but keep in mind I am NOT ultra-crafty.

One thought I had is a homemade growth chart using fabric as the chart background, hung from a wooden dowel and the growth measured with tags pinned to the chart (much like this rather pricey version from Miss Natalie at Fawn and Forest).  Also, I am making him a photo book of his first year but that is more for me than for him.

Your turn!  Any and all suggestions appreciated.  (And for those of you who DON'T comment because you don't want to make a Blogger account, feel free to post as Anonymous and leave your name in the comment itself...I know you're out there...Google sees you).

Look at that face.  You don't want him to not have a present on his birthday now do you?

(And hi there Messy House of Hate and Despair...I REALLY have to stop taking pictures when it's a mess.)


Anonymous said...

I think you should make him a sibling...

: ) -Shannon

Sara said...

HAHAHAHA! Isn't Shannon hilarious? I mean, REALLY.

Maybe SHANNON should make Noah a little friend? And no, the new dog doesn't count.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, your house is so not messy. Lovely light you have!

Hmm, first birthday. We didn't go all out either - we got her some little gifts, but mostly I concentrated on making the party fun (aka I obsessed over her cakes. For about two weeks, actually).

Some of her favorite things from a year on (she's 16 months):

Stacking cups

Phonics bus

Honestly, one of her favorite things is an inflatable beach ball that we got free at a company party. She LOVES that thing and carries it all over the house. Oh and chalk. Chalk is a BIG winner around here!

Danielle said...

My vote goes to Shannon's suggestion..or an html for dummies book? Let's get him started early!

Colleen Kuerth : Truly Noted said...

I thought this project was awesome, creative, and would also be light on the pocketbook. A neat keepsake he could have for the rest of his life!-

Sara said...

Love it! Thanks so much for pointing that out, Colleen. Such a great present and perfect for a DIY.

samantha said...

For Theo's 1st birthday we didn't get him much. A custom '1' robot themed shirt and a doctor's kit from fisher price. He has a ton of stuff and I knew he'd get spoiled at his party.

My mom got him that scooter/walker thing Noah is on and he loves it!

Btw--cutest little boy!!


Chrissie Sparks said...

Lucas loves his Fisher Price doctor kit. He was huge fan of the musical set you got him for his 1 year. His favorite 1 year present was (and is still sometimes) the Little People barn set. He loves make the sounds of all the animals!