Thursday, October 29, 2009

Littlest thief

This is what happens when you leave you diaper bag unattended in the vicinity of a toddler who a) knows that's where the snacks are and b) has an unhealthy obsession with credit cards:

Do you see how there was a diaper in the way of the wallet in the first photo?  And then in the second it was thrown behind him towards the stove?  He chucked that sucker so hard I thought it would tear in two...that's how much he's obsessed with my wallet.  I ended up at the bank today without any ID because of this little episode.

Also, someone should report the parents of this child for leaving the cabinet locks open...there are CERAMIC PLATTERS in there for god's sake.  What ARE they thinking?


Anonymous said...

Oh, so hilarious! Madeline has the same obsession with my wallet; she's especially taken with the pictures of herself in there (BABY!)

Love that you captured this on film. And you have pretty kitchen floors! How do you keep stuff so clean with a toddler?

Sara said...

Oh ha, ha ha! Clean? Noooooo, my friend, not clean. What is just out of the camera frame are mounds of toys and laundry that needs to be folded. And a fridge with tiny hand prints and possibly a puddle of milk on a shelf.

And thank you for complimenting my's actually a vinyl that I want to replace with tile but haven't gotten around to saving up for yet. It's actually great because it hides dirt so well and always look shiny. Which is also bad because I can't tell when it needs to be mopped (which is often).

k said...

We're always joking that E has raccoon paws because for being so small, he's awfully crafty with his hands.