Thursday, October 8, 2009

No going back

This baby walking thing? It's still kind of surprising me everyday. I sometimes forget that he can stand on his own two legs as I am still gently placing him on his butt when I put him down. He swiftly gets to his feet and toddles off while I stand there amazed. His arms are reached up and high, his legs woodenly stepping forward, right then left, right then left. I have to catch myself when I turn around to find a tiny person tapping me on the leg and not startle him with my own surprise. Just this morning I jumped out of my skin when he appeared, seemingly out of nowhere, in the bathroom doorway. It seems we waited for this moment for such a long time and yet it seems as though he has always been just this way.

Toddle forth, little one, toddle forth!


Danielle said...

Nice touch with the singing ; )

k said...

I love how new walkers look like little zombies coming to eat your brains.

I also love how your camera went all crooked when he finally reached you (or got ahold of your brains).

Anonymous said...

I love this!! His little voice is precious.