Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I have to let go of the idea of my home being perfectly clean and perfectly neat and perfectly accessorized and perfectly perfect now that I have a toddler. Chaos reigns here and I need to be a-ok with that.

I should not buy a new rug for the family room. I have a toddler and a dog and a cat and a husband and that is a recipe for mess and dirt. Why ruin a perfectly new rug?

I need to master the sewing machine that sits in my basement. I get sucked into this crazy blogland where all the people are pretty and talented and make beautiful things with their own two hands. And then I get PUMPED! UP! to do projects and then realize I can't sew a straight line. I need to work on that.

I may have painted Noah's room last night in a fit of "pale aqua blue is for BABIES and Noah is a BIG BOY and must have a BIG BOY room!". So now it is beige. I love beige. For real. I gravitate toward neutral colored walls. I won't lie though...this was mainly spurred on by the Pottery Barn Kids sale email where I saw that my very favorite roman shades that I have been wanting forever for Noah's room are on sale and pale aqua walls just weren't gong to work. I ordered them and decided that new shades meant new paint color and that's how we ended up in the Lowe's paint department on a Tuesday afternoon. Pictures forthcoming.

I need to figure out Photoshop. I have that plus a really spectacular camera plus a new lens and I need to spend some time learning how they all work individually and in conjunction with one another. Which means I have pumpkin patch pictures but I want to work on them a bit. Stay tuned for those pictures too.

I am apparently having blog guilt which is why you are reading such a crappy post. My apologies. Here, cute baby lounging.

To come: pumpkin patch pictures. After lunch. And a nap.


k said...

There is something about reading the Pottery Barn catalog that inspires in me a sense of inadequacy.

That combined with the lack of time and extra bits of money is why I now just toss it in the recycling when it arrives.


I love it when babies lounge. It's as if their days of running and playing and eating and crapping are super taxing.

bessie.viola said...

Aaww, darn Pottery Barn! They always get me too, with the lovely beiges and all the organized/coordinated pictures.

I just used Valspar paint from Lowes for the first time this weekend and thought it was great - sort of stinky, though! Can't wait to see pictures of your handiwork!