Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 1 of The Great Gym Membership Adventure

Noah HATED the gym daycare.  Hated it like nobody's business.  It started off fine, I eased myself out of the room and within minutes I heard his wailing.  I kept walking.  The ellipticals and treadmills have TVs on them and I tuned to the channel that monitors the daycare room.  The poor, poor woman watching all the kids had to hold Noah the entire time he was in there.  And of course my parental guilt set in and I didn't even make it 15 minutes into my workout before I was back in there, picking him up, and apologizing to the caretaker.  She was awesome and completely gracious and told me that every new kid does this and he'll adjust as long as I keep trying.  So we go back tomorrow morning.  And he WILL like it.

I guess this just goes to show me that I need more time apart from my child.  He's so dependent upon me and doesn't feel comfortable if I'm not in the same room.  What seemed cute at first is now a bit of a drag.  Don't get me wrong, I love that it's ME that my child prefers but at some point he has to be ok with someone else taking care of him.  If I don't break him of this now, or soon, I can see how I'll end up with one of those mama's boys and that doesn't sound appealing in the least.  Today we got 15 minutes.  Hopefully tomorrow we can make it to 30 minutes.  


Joy said...

Keep your chin up, it will get better! M & J both did this - or they'd be fine at daycare but wouldn't tolerate childcare at church. And it can be maddeningly random.
Besides, weren't you excited about watching Hoisewives of OC? =)

k said...

Poor buddy. He'll make the transition--just give him some time.

Anonymous said...

That sounds pretty understandable. Maybe next time you should stay off the nanny-cam channel, although that is a COOL feature that your gym has. Classy!

maggie said...

I've never left Jack with a real babysitter, but he used to bawl his way through the church nursery. I went to a gym recently with a child care area and thought about it... Way to go, you!

(And I ALSO have problems understanding why balance issues make you OLD. HMM.)