Friday, January 1, 2010

Getting fit in the New Year aka predictable resolution

I joined a gym today.  Like where you workout and stuff.  And I joined because I can't let Tim have all the glory.  We walked into the gym to sign him up today and within, I kid you not, two minutes I was inquiring about family rates, and month to month, and oh, do you have childcare?  You do?  Fantastic!  Here's my credit card.  And Tim totally called it...he told the sales guy on their walk through that by the time they got back to the front I would want to join too.  It's irritating being married to someone who knows you so well.

So I'm going to be FIT!  and FABULOUS! in the new year.  I also received a Wii Fit Plus (thanks Nintendo and Sam!  Best party ever!) and then a Wii to go along with it (that Tim bought me for Christmas...I am not THAT cool).  So I am going to be getting myself into all kinds of shape.  However, I am already fighting with my Wii Fit Plus.  I did my initial body test last night and my Wii Fit Age is 42.  FORTY TWO.  WTF Wii?  I know my crinkles are getting a little deeper and I may need to lose a couple of pounds but sheesh.  Apparently I have balance issues.  And a lack of balance makes the Wii think you are OLD.  Or OLDER.  Consider this a warning to all of you with new Wii Fit's.  She's kind of bitchy.

Regardless of the Wii's opinion, I am going to crank it out and get myself into shape.  $1/hour for someone else to watch my kid while I do yoga or watch Real Housewives of the OC on the elliptical?  Hell yeah.  Count me in.


k said...

Look at you with your sassy new blog layout and visions of fitness.

Speaking of which, if the Wii Fit even THINKS of getting sassy with me, she might get bitch slapped.

(And how about those Real Housewives?! God love 'em.)

bessie.viola said...

That sounds awesome! Go you!