Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The marketing/advertising department was just a little off on this one

Something funny happened yesterday.  I opened my mail and found this:

That would be one NEWBORN sized diaper.  For further size reference:

A teeny, tiny NEWBORN sized diaper sealed in a package of coupons and a Congratulations on Your Pregnancy booklet from Pampers.  :birds chirping:  I turned to Tim and asked if Pampers knew something I didn't.  Perhaps they were privy to my cycle and had peed on a stick for me?  If so, can they also carry the baby for 9.5 months and push it out for me?  Awesome!  Sign me up!  (For the record, Am. Not. Pregnant.)

But, to be fair, this little dude's butt was swaddled in Pampers for the first month of his life and he turned out pretty well.

Yep, that's the look I get when I ask him to be "funny".  Want to see what I get when I ask for a "smile"?

Can he be a bigger goober?  I think not.

***LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a featured project over at Prudent Baby!  That's MY STOOL!  Thanks so much ladies!***

Also, not a ONE of you made a comment about the phrase "That's MY STOOL!"  Come on!  I know you're funny, mind in the gutter-type of people! 


Anonymous said...

Kudos on the mention for your stepstool! That is SO cool.

I keep wondering how you got on a list for expectant mothers. That is odd. Odd.

Rougeneck said...


Michelle said...

Love this line: Perhaps they were privy to my cycle and had peed on a stick for me?

And how cute is your little one?

Anonymous said...

He is adorable! I love those silly goober looks they give. SO cute!

Hillary said...

So cute -- both your boy and the stool.

On a side note, don't the newborn diapers look impossibly WEE now you're used to toddler-sized ones? The first time I packed diapers for both The Boy and The Lad, I couldn't get over the difference. It's hard to believe The Boy was ever that tiny.

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

samantha said...

Next you'll be getting formula or something.

Little baby butts FIT IN THOSE LITTLE DIAPERS. Is that not INSANE?

Paige said...

I was in Target the other day and saw the stepstools and thought of you! I am definitely going to attempt the stepstool personalization project one of these days. Of course, these days it's a challenge to make sure I am showered, combed and wearing a shirt that is not covered in drool, so I'm not sure when these lofty stool ambitions will come to fruition. However, when/if they do, you will be the first to know.

pseudostoops said...

See, I'm just catching up and my FIRST THOUGHT was "wow, that's her stool? Normally I'd expect her to keep these things between her and her doctor!" Am twelve.

Sara said...

Pseudo, thanks for stepping up on the stool comment. That's my girl!