Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Noah visits the Fire Station

One of my very favorite people is married to a real live fireman/paramedic/EMT (did I get that right, B?). She is also a super smart mommy who thought to herself: "I know a 2.5 year old little boy who would probably love to visit a fire station and see the engines up close." That little boy's mommy thought that was a most Brilliant Idea. So two Saturdays ago, we all set out for a fun-filled visit to the fire station where we were treated to a fantastic tour.

The evidence of one ecstatic little boy is in the pictures:

Driving the big fire engine. He even got to turn on the lights!

 Trying on a helmet in his size.

Size comparison.

Mommy and Noah.

Learning how to use the Jaws of Life.

Manning the heavy hose!

Pretending to be a paramedic on the ambulance.

Such a happy little guy!

Chilling with his new buddy, the Fire Engine.

The visit to the fire station might just rank as the best day in his entire life. When we pulled into the parking lot Noah had a bit of a nervous breakdown...I think the idea of seeing the fire engines up close and personal overwhelmed his little self. However, by the time we went inside and said hello to the firemen he was cool as a cucumber. R, my friend's husband and our valiant tour guide, had Noah at ease in minutes and showed him all around the engines and the fire house. They even had an emergency call while we were there so Noah got to see R jump into action and the engine and ambulance take off with their sirens blaring. I believe the term is awestruck.

Thank you B and R (and sweet baby girl C) for a memory-making trip to the fire station! We had so much fun!


A'Dell said...

Oh my gosh, Claire would just DIE if this happened to her. DIE! That looks like so much fun.

k said...

Ohhhh...his sweet face! It gave me chills and made me miss you guys.

bessie.viola said...

This is awesome! What a fantastic trip! Noah looks beyond thrilled. :)

Jessica said...

When Margaret was about 9 months old we went to the annual fire station pancake breakfast and she was fascinated. I think we missed it this spring and that bums me out.

samantha said...

I'm all warm and fuzzy! I can only IMAGINE his joy and that makes me so crazy happy :-)

Rougie said...

All I know is that my little nephew would be so jealous of Noah because: Fire Engines = Dreams.

Michelle said...

How happy does he look! And? Adorable.

Erica said...

Oh my, this is so awesome. Unbelievably cool.