Monday, April 25, 2011

The topic that is off limits in our house until May 11th but of course I am asking you NOW

Baby names. Tim refuses to discuss potential names until we see BOY parts or GIRL parts at our ultrasound but that doesn't mean I can't discuss them here, with you, my people. By discuss I mean I want you to give me some ideas as I have nearly none. Picking Noah's name was exhausting enough and the thought of doing that all over again is giving me hives.

If you could so kindly leave some suggestions for both genders, I would be so very appreciative. If we pick one of your names maybe you'll win a hug! From me! Oooh, exciting!

The only limitations are that it has to be somewhat interesting because with a last name like Smith you just can't go around naming your kid "Joe" or "Jane" as lovely as those names are, we are not tied to Biblical names even though we already chose Noah, and cultural origin doesn't matter too much to us. Oh, and if it's a boy his middle name will most likely be William in honor of my grandfather and father so we have to work with that. And no funny spellings of names...keep it classic.

There you have it. Please help me and, whatever you do, please do not mention to Tim that we are having this discussion. Shhhhhhhhhh.


samantha said...



I can't give any up as we need them in our back pocket for when we bust out another tiny.

Elijah? Call him Eli? Has the same 'theme' as Noah? Still goes well with Smith? That's all I got. I'm tapped.

A'Dell said...

I would love to leave you some ideas but your name rules are the same as my name rules and I can't share my list until AFTER this baby is born!

Hopefully, it will be soon though and then I can share all my candidates with you.

Michelle said...

We loved Griffin and Huck for a boy but never had a chance to use them.
For a girl, I love Harper, Violet, Fiona, Everleigh ... I love girl names.

Steph said...

Our last name is Smith and we have Gabriel, Joshua and Zachariah so far. At Children's here I have to give them Josh's middle name and bday because there are so many of them. But, there are several Zachariah Smiths too.

Names we love but haven't used:

Boy: Hayden, Matthias, Brendan, Oliver, Isaac, Griffin

Girl: Makaela, Elizabeth, Rebekah, Hannah, Lillian

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Milo + Noah?
Ben + Noah?
I like the other suggestion of Eli + Noah (though, two old testament names might get you into massive trouble - ha)

Violet + Noah
Lily + Noah
Sloane + Noah
Lila + Noah

I dunno ... names are such a tricky subject ... one bad experience with a name and it's tainted for you forever. =)

Anonymous said...

Oh YAY! Love name talk! Someone get Swistle in here, she'd be great at this game. :)

I'm just going to give you my favorites, I don't mind sharing:

Benjamin (Favorite EVER that DH won't let me use)
Isaac (2nd favorite, cannot use as BFF's son's name)
Mason (but I don't love Mason with Noah, not sure why)

Nora/Norah (although Nora/Noah may be a bit much)
Olivia (LOVE this one)
Catherine/Kate (though I imagine this will likely get popular due to recent royal events)

AndreAnna said...

Since I'm done having kids, you can have our alternate names.

If Charlotte was a boy, she would have been Beckett.

If Sawyer was a girl, he would have been Genevieve.

Those are all we could agree on, so there ya go. Different, but not weird. And classy, I think.

-R- said...

For boys, Bennett or Gavin. My husband liked Xavier and Vincent.
For girls, I really wanted Evelyn, but my husband hated it. My husband really liked Charlotte.

Mary said...

Our last name is Smith, too, so I feel your pain. Harper, of course! I could be a girl's or boy's name. They also get the raddest nickname ever: Harpsichord. My other faves are Beatrix and Campbell. Derick? Maeve...

Mary said...

Griffin! Beckett! This is fun! Make more babies all the time so I can keep doing this;)

Jennie said...

I will share all my favorite names since I will most likely never use them.

Caris is my top girl name of all time and my only regret in life is that I will never use it. (That's dramatic, true, but I LOVE THIS NAME.) I wish for someone else to love it as much as me and then use it since I won't/can't.

I also love Sloane and Brooke (both for girls).

I love Reid for a boy. And Ryan. And Sean. And Seth (love this). Clearly four-letter names are my thing!

Hillary said...

I really liked Everett, but the husband said no. I also love Walt and Ward, but EVERYONE said no.

For a girl, I like Jane, but that doesn't really fit your criteria.

Maggie said...

Bizarrely, we have already picked out a boy and girl name. I have no stress on this subject whatsoever, which is nice since we were literally naming the previous two in the delivery room.

I really like very boring very classic names. I'm sort of mad we wasted Elizabeth on Molly's middle name because if we had another girl, how cute would it be to have a Molly and a Lizzie? SO CUTE. Sigh. My favorite boy's name, that I can't use since it's my brother's, is Matthew. Caroline, Elliott, Charlotte, Nathan, and Alice were all on our list.

Sara said...

These are some excellent selections, thank you! (all except SAMANTHA'S choices, ahem.)

Paige said...

Good lord! We are having a boy, and four of the names on our VERY short list are listed above! What the hell are the chances of that?? So if you choose Griffin, Campbell, Oliver or Reid, there might be another out here in CA. Also listed above is a name that I love but my husband loathes (Milo) and a name that I loathe but my husband loves (Beckett). And to think that I thought we were creative people. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I agree, this is fun!

We have a one-syllable last name also, so our requirement was that first names could not be one-syllable.

We didn't know sex for either child going into their births, so we had an index card with 4 full names. That way if the baby didn't fit the name, we had another one prepared. I got final naming rights, due to being the one birthing the child.

I'm not sharing the names we gave our boys, but I'll lend a middle name to use as a first name: Marshall. Gavin was an alternate name I had in my head, but I could never get full agreement from my husband.

Girls: Kiera & Elena.

We didn't share names with anyone, mainly because I had seen some fall-out when my sister-in-law shared names with her family. If someone was adamant, I gave them obvious fake names.

Good luck!

Jessica said...

When I first read this post, I didn't have any ideas. I actually came back today to see what comments you got, since we need to name our boy (due in 2 mo)! Maggie's comment about the name she cant use reminded me of my all-time favorite boy name: Luke. I loooove it. My husband refuses to use it because it's his cousin's name. I think that's silly. How often do you see your parents' cousins? And would it matter if you had the same name as one of them? I don't think so.

Paige said...

I don't know if you're veering away from one-syllable names, but I would like to bequeath to you a name that I adore but my husband will not let me use (his good friend has a son with this name): Miles. It was my favorite boy name for AGES until I married my husband and it was suddenly off-limits. Hrmph.
Also: Reid and Cameron. We both love Reid but can't use it because the double D sound with our last name is awkward. And I love Cameron but my husband isn't a fan.

Happy naming!

Paige said...

Hunter? Carson? (also loved by me and vetoed by my husband)

McMama said...

Ohh, I posted about this on my Surro blog when the guys were looking for name ideas!