Friday, December 30, 2011

Chloe, Three Months

We're officially not in Newborn Hell anymore, hooray!!! Three months marks the transition to Baby/Infant/Small Person With Good Head Control. We're all VERY pleased to be here.

At three months, Chloe is pretty much the most smiley baby I have ever seen. She wakes up smiling, she goes to bed smiling, she even smiles while she poops. The smiles are the only reason I don't lose my mind when she wakes me up three times a night. Who can be mad at this face? WHO? 

Chloe's newest tricks include batting at toys, grabbing fistfuls of my hair, sucking on my cheek when she's hungry, and our very favorite...rolling from tummy to back! Rolling was today's accomplishment and there was much to do about it. Big brother even made up a little celebration dance to cheer her on which might have been the sweetest thing ever. Speaking of, this relationship between brother and baby sister is blossoming each day and I love it so much.

Chloe is still waking up at night far too often for my liking...most nights she's up at least 3 times between 8pm and 6:30am. I'm grateful that the wake ups are short and only to nurse and then she's right back down and asleep before her head touches the mattress. We're working on self-soothing and she seems to be making good progress. I'm hoping she'll naturally drop some of those wake ups and I don't have to start letting her cry but we'll wait and see. I just know I need more sleep otherwise my boss is going to wonder if my brain really did leak out my ears.

Another big transition this month was my going back to work and Chloe starting at her new sitter's home daycare. It's been so smooth of a transition for Chloe that you would think she's been there since day one whereas I spend approximately 7.95 of my 8 hours away hours thinking about her. But we've already been over that and it will get better, so help me god. It's a good thing we all adore her sitter and are really happy that we found her.

I'm so happy we're at three months because the hardest part really is almost over. I can't wait for these next few months when she starts to open up and become interested in her big new world. I know she'll do it all with a big smile on her face.


Janel K. said...

Chloe = cutest little girl I have seen

Chloe in leg warmers = unspeakable cuteness

LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!

Jessica said...

Happy 3 months, Chloe! Glad things are going well!

Michelle said...

Oh so cute!
1. We totally have the same holiday dress. Yeah for Carter's!
2. The waking up. Holy moly. Even if it is a quick nursing waking up that much is so draaaaaiiiinnnniiinnnggg. Just this week, Gizmo started sleeping completely through the night. She is a year old.

Erica said...

So happy to hear it!

k said...

The picture of Noah and Chloe on the couch made the hair on my arms stand up. It is beyond words, Sara, how sweet they are.

Love you all.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

PRECIOUS!!!! I cannot wait to hold that little 3-month old in a few weeks! xoxo