Friday, November 2, 2007

The first acquistion

I have taken the plunge! I have made my first new house purchase today! Round of applause please :) There are so many things I want for the house. So few of them are necessities. Tim and I were lucky that we had all the necessary furniture to live comfortably from day one, so now I am on the hunt for special pieces to flesh out the house. The first thing that had to go is the dining room chandelier. It's brass, it's small, it's . . . how do I say this? Fugly. I'll get a picture and post it over the weekend. (I really haven't followed through on that promise though so don't hold your breath).

The dining room is a deep red and gets very little daylight. The only two windows face the big house next door, and as those of you familiar with Chicago lots know, they are much deeper than they are wide. If I opened the window, I could reach out and touch our neighbors house if I stood on my tip toes. Anyhow, I like the red. At least enough to leave it be for the time being. I know, I know, red dining rooms are so cliche. But, I am lazy and too cheap right now to pay a professional to prime it and paint it. They did a good job so why mess with it now, you know?

Today I went shopping for a new chandelier. By shopping I mean browsing the interweb (Tim HATES that word. . .such a computer geek! Or is it nerd? Dork? I confuse the three all the time). I checked your usual: the barn, the barrel, and the hardware store. Nothing at the first two and Resto is just so expensive sometimes. Oh, I forgot to tell you! I didn't want to spend more than $200. I am cheap. Also known as, I change my mind too often to pick out something that costs a thousand dollars even if it might last my entire lifetime. So, I shopped and shopped and shopped, and then I turned to my trusty Home & Garden for advice. One article mentioned that she (interviewee person) gets a lot of her things for photo shoots from Okaaaaaaaayyyyy. Might as well. Again, I am cheap, and the Big O knows cheap.

Off I went, and I stumbled upon what I hope is the perfect chandelier for me. I had thought I wanted a iron scrollwork, 5-6 light piece with crystals. Very French provincial. That is definitely NOT what I bought. Here she is. We'll call her Chandy. My apologies for the small picture.

At first glance she doesn't look like much. She's a very traditional shape and style, but made more modern with clear blown glass. Kind of murano inspired, eh? I bookmarked that page a few weeks ago after Chandy caught my eye. Today, I visited with my decorating advisor and all knowing seer, Danielle, who also loved Chandy. So it was decided. And the best part, when I did another google search for Chandy to see if I could get it for an even lower price than O (listed at $204), I got to Deals Plus. Ok, so I GUESS what happens is you click on the link to the item through Deals Plus, and it takes you directly to the website. That website happened to be O, AND I got the Deals Plus discount of another $24! Total, with $2.95 shipping because that is the way the O rocks it, $183. I came in under budget!

I will obviously need to better assess Chandy when she arrives at my house. But, here's to hoping she's everything I imagine her to be!

And a very happy birthday to my Dad! That handsome fella is the best dad a girl could ask for!

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