Monday, May 5, 2008

My boy rocks

He did it! He went and flipped his little teeny self upside down! I had my ultrasound today and my boy, my smart and well-behaved baby boy, went ahead and moved himself in the right position---heads down, bottoms up. (mmmmm, drinks... margarita anyone?)(I CANNOT STOP THINKING ABOUT MARGARITAS)(abstinence of liquor makes the head forget what tequila does to a girl)

Where was I? Oh yes, my genius child. The doctor proclaimed that my placenta has moved out of the danger zone, and with the corrected birth position the baby is in, we have a go for a natural (which in my book means WITH drugs) delivery. Score one for me! If a c-section does end up happening for whatever reason, I am so fine with it. But I would have missed the experience of a natural delivery just a little. But whoo-hoo!

Also, all restrictions have been lifted so I can once again exercise (oh ok! right on it!), "make dinner" with my husband (again, sorry Mom and Jojo!)(but really? maybe I shouldn't tell the husband the "good" news), and I can continue working (yay?). Hmmmm, considering my reaction to that information, maybe I would prefer the restrictions? No, seriously, it's all great news and I am so relieved that I don't have to go on complete bed rest. That is not the situation I wanted to be in for this summer. There is so much I want to do...the botanic garden, walks through our neighborhood, tend to my garden, visiting with friends, basically enjoying the weather while its nice outside.

So, round of applause for the boy! Let's just keep our fingers crossed that he stays where he is.


becoming-mom said...

Yay for the boy genius!!

Thanks for your tips on the Vista btw, I think I may still get it, but its good to know the limitations before hand :)

Sara said...

Thanks so much! It was such a relief to know that he's doing good in there.