Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Facebook...love it or hate it

Oooh boy have I gotten some heated responses to joining Facebook. Of course, these responses can't come in the form of comments on this website...nooooo, they must be emailed directly to me. Comments are cool!!! Try 'em out. Anyhow, some of you are pleased I have joined Facebook after being told a million times how fun it is to see what people you haven't heard from in nearly 4, 7, or 9 years are doing. And some of you mock me. To those of you who mock me, I say, bring it. I think you're just jealous that our emailing and gmail chatting time is going to be lessened because I will be busy on Facebook. Sheer jealousy masquerading as disdain. I've got your number.

Here is also something to think about. I know this blog is public. I understand that people I know, outside of those I gave the site address to, will and do read this. I comment on stranger's blogs and I know strangers come to mine through those comments. That is all a-ok with me. But I also put this blog's address on my Facebook page. I have completely opened it up to people I used to know in high school and college (the majority of my "Facebook friends" thus far). I have no idea why that totally weirds me out. Part of me was itching all day at work to come home and immediately remove this website from my profile. The Facebook friend requests were coming in quickly and all I could think about was holy shit, so-and-so from high school totally read my blog! I am so embarrassed! And they know people I know and now those people will read it too and oh god! Then I got ahold of myself and realized that there is nothing on this blog that I wouldn't say in person, so why should I be embarrassed? So I say to all of that: welcome new friends! Leave a comment, say hi. Just don't embarrass me...I do that well enough on my own thankyouverymuch.


Danielle said...

I just remember when a certain someone used her husband's myspace page to look up people because she didn't want create her own-- and now that someone has a facebook page? Will Lily have one, too?

Shannon said...

Hate it.....still think its for teenagers : )

Christine said...

I support you and your facebookin' ways :)

Katherine said...

I am just a random reader of your blog and don't know you from high school, but I have to say this:
I joined Facebook out of pure curiosity. I think there's way too much sh*& to add. Avoid all applications except the Wall and Scrabulous, which are awesome.


Sara said...

Katherine, Thanks for the Facebook info. Some of those profiles I've seen are insane with all the applications. I get tired just looking at them :)