Friday, May 2, 2008

Nursery Update and my goodness you all are demanding

So, after many personal requests that I find the damn camera and upload some new pictures, I present to you the transformation of the guest room to the nursery. First we moved the guest bed and dresser into the third bedroom, which if you remember I had originally planned to be the nursery. But then I freaked and wanted all the carpeting in the upstairs torn up before the baby comes. Unfortunately, there was no hardwood in the original nursery so I would have had to put down carpeting again. Not interested. But then!!! We discovered hardwood under the carpet in the guest room and ta da! I changed my mind. Again.

Here is the state of the guest room/new nursery (hereafter referred to as the nursery) after Tim tore up the carpeting.

The floors are original to the house (123 years old!), made of 3.25 inch pine, but the finish was pretty rough and worn. We figured we were going to have to refinish anyways. (The paint color is from our big painting extravaganza from February. It worked for a baby boy, so it stayed).

Now you see Tim and Lily pulling up some staples from the carpet install. Lily is very helpful.

Lily loves to look out the window to the street out front. She used to sit on the guest bed, but now she can only stretch and stand up on her back legs. Its kind of the cutest thing I've ever seen.

But then! This is what we found in the middle of the room. A big, patched hole. We realized it was the old heater grate from the original heating system in the house that someone had pulled out and patched with plywood. Enter the professional floor repair and refinishers.

And OF COURSE I forgot to take a picture before putting stuff in the room. But under the area rug are beautiful, stunning, refinished (and patched properly) wood floors. I wanted to lick them when they were done. But I figured the polyurethane finish wasn't exactly safe for the know, the possibility of three heads and all.

This is looking from the door towards the closet (before furniture).

And now we have some furniture! This is our changing table/dresser area. I have a great mirror I found for almost nothing to go over the dresser, and now next to it is our glider. The glider isn't anything special so I didn't bother to retake this picture. Its not the one I wanted, but that's what compromise is all about right? RIGHT???

And the crib! My very favorite part of the room. My boy's first bed. Except the bumper doesn't fit when the mattress is set at the highest setting...which, ummm, the bumper was the most important part of the bedding set. I'm over it. I think. But maybe not. I might have to adjust the mattress to accomodate the bumper while he's small and can't suffocate himself with it.

I have acquired wall art and things like that, but I haven't gotten around to hounding Tim to put it up yet. I figure I have a little time still to annoy him.

AND! The belly in all its glory. This was taken two weeks ago (Week 28), so imagine it even larger today. I'll try and get another update soon.

There. Now leave me alone.


becoming-mom said...

Everything is coming together so well! I love the color, the hardwood floors, and can I ask where you got that valance? So cute!

Sara said...

Ariana-the valance is actually from the Migi Pinwheel crib set that you had mentioned. I put two together on one rod since the one valance was too short for the double window. The valance is sold separately from the set at