Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Just when you think you have it down...

SOMEONE has decided to quit sleeping through the night.  We had almost four whole weeks of 12 hour sleep at night but now?  Not so much. 3 am is party time in our household...again.  I am hoping that this is just a short phase and that Noah will go back to sleeping like a champ.  If he doesn't, Dr. Weissbluth* and I are going to have a little chat.  A little chat that may involve some strong language.  My guess is that he's going through a bit of a growth spurt since he demands to be fed at 3 am, but I also blame every change on a "growth spurt".  If he's fussy at a different time-growth spurt.  If he poops more-growth spurt.  If he sleeps more/less-growth spurt.  Pretty soon he'll be a giant.  

Also, today I was out shopping with a friend and another mom walked by in the store pushing her huge ass stroller (that is apropos of nothing, just that it was much too large).  She stopped when she saw Noah (I was holding him) and asked his age. When I told her he was almost 3 months old she responded with a "Oh!  He's so SMALL for 3 months!  Mine is 2 months and much bigger."  Huh?  And also SHUTTHEHELLUP.  Here is a lesson for all you lovely people out there:  Never, I mean never, comment on the size of someone else's child.  I didn't really get why this was such an issue until now.  It is RUDE and OFFENSIVE to comment on a baby's size.  Noah just so happens to be very average in size and maybe her baby was just a little fatty.  And a fat baby is a-ok!  But so is a smaller baby.  I kind of wanted to run her over with her own stroller AND shove her 5 carat diamond up her ass.  And twist it a little.  

Noah will bring the muscle to the showdown.

(* Author of "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Baby")

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Anonymous said...

Ahh, yes that book was recommended to me. I am currently following Dr. Jodi Mindell's book "Sleeping Through The Night" and it suggests that the sleep training will have to be re-introduced as your child gets smarter, bigger, and you know...spurt-like. Then of course, there's potty training, table manners, driver's training...
And yes, I too have been subject to having my baby called "tiny" as well as "BIG" over just a few days. I guess babies are like engagement rings. It's all relative.