Monday, October 20, 2008

Three Months

Dear Noah,

Today you are three months old.  I don't know how or when it all happened, but all of the sudden you are not a newborn anymore...according to the internets you've graduated to "baby" stage.  And it breaks my heart.  In three short months I've nearly forgotten how tiny you were when the nurse placed you on my chest for the first time, or how your newborn diapers were so big on you with your scrawny little legs sticking out.  And it's only been three months, or 93 days, 11 hours, and 3 minutes, but who's counting?  

You are fascinating to me.  The speed at which your little brain is learning about the world around you is amazing.  It seems that everyday you are understanding just a little bit are learning to use your hands!  You furrow your brow when you are trying to grasp at your toy and then when you actually get it in your hand you can barely contain your surprise.  You cannot stop smiling at everyone who you see, especially women; I think you get this from your father since he'll flirt with the cashier at the grocery store (ask him and he'll just say he's being "nice").  When you see a "pretty lady" your eyes light up and you start grinning like a maniac.  Keep it up kid and you'll be the favorite of all the girls.

You're also finding out that you have quite the set of vocal cords.  Not only do you coo, and gurgle, and grunt your way through a conversation with me, but you've also discovered how to screech.  When you're just awake from a nap and hungry, if I change you before I feed you, you express your displeasure with ear-splitting screeches and screams.   And I don't mean your average crying baby type sounds...these screams would wake the dead.  You enjoy yelling when we "talk" to each other and I love to imitate your sounds right back to you.  Apparently you do not like to be imitated because that usually incites a round of brow-furrowing and grumpy expressions.   But when you laugh, Noah, oh man do I fall more in love with you.  Your laugh comes from deep in your belly and just lights up the room.

We just can't get enough of you little man.  


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