Wednesday, February 18, 2009


1.  I hate finding new doctors.  I am in the throes of a search for a new ob-gyn because my old doctor's group does not take our current health insurance...which is a load of sh*t since it's a big, national plan and not some rinky-dink insurance backed by the bum outside the corner bar.  It is near impossible to find someone who is a) in our insurance network AND b) taking new patients as well as c) not located a million miles away in the suburbs.  And of course I am in the super-special, extra-lucky position of having to go in twice a year for exams and my next one is right around the corner.  And here I am with no appointment scheduled.  Argh.  So annoying.  I was HAPPY with my old doctors.  I even recommended TWO people to them.  They helped me birth my baby.  (Except one of them was the one who CUT me with SCISSORS to birth said baby...I don't know if I like her too much.)  Ahem.  Anyhow, finding a new doctor sucks.  The End.

2.  Noah can now get his little belly off the ground and propel himself forw-, no, wait, sorry, SIDEWAYS in an attempt to crawl around with his bum leg.  We went to a playgroup this morning and met a bunch of new moms and other 6-8 month olds and they were cruisin' all over the joint.  Noah was supremely jealous.  Or maybe that was me.  Either way, next week, after the splint comes off?  It's ON.

3.  Speaking of the splint.  I am getting pretty tired of having to re-wrap his little leg five times a day.  Since it's a splint and not a full cast, it's held in place with two ace bandages and each time I  change his diaper, I have to unwrap and then re-wrap the splint and re-position and gah.  Hate.  Way too much pressure on me to make sure it's tight enough, but not too tight so he can wiggle his toes (baby toes are the best), and in the right position.  Next time (HA!  NO.) I'll request a cast.  

4.  I don't know if this is a side effect of his leg healing, or a growth spurt, or what but Noah has been sleeping from 8 pm-8/9 am (!!!!!  And HALLELUJAH.) and following that up with one or maybe two long-ish naps per day.  If he gets up that late in the morning he may eschew a first nap in favor of one looooooooong afternoon one, which of course throws me all out of sorts because I have just gotten used to a two-nap schedule and he's going in and messing it all up.  But I am NOT complaining since my baby sleeps all night AND naps most of the time.  

5.  So it seems this burglary next door really worked out well for the husband of the house.  Since they made off with his big, but not big enough, screen TV, he has decided he must. go. bigger.  He and Tim spent a couple hours last week researching the latest and greatest in plasmas and lcds and fancy pants TVs much to the wife's dismay.  I really want new furniture.  Why couldn't the bastards have broken into my house instead and taken my couch?  (I kid.  Sort of.)

6.  Wow.  I just re-read all that drivel and apologize for boring you to death.  Maybe something super fun and exciting will happen over the weekend and I can report back on Monday.  But probably not.

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Antelope said...

i thought it was entertaining, but i must say you missed two every important days on your blog missy, you figure them out!