Sunday, February 8, 2009

Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

Wow.  So Thursday started off great (a visit with the new baby!) and ended with us in the children's ER.  Long story short:  I fell down the stairs (inside, not outside) while carrying Noah and fractured his left femur (thigh bone).  The past few days have been NOT SO GREAT.  But!  Other than me being worst mother of the year, Noah is doing spectacularly.  He really doesn't seem too put off by the splint on his leg and other than not being able to sit up because the splint goes from his toes to the middle of his back, he can roll over and play on his tummy.  We've been managing his pain with just a little infant tylenol and lots of snuggles and kisses.  Maybe later I will write about the whole story and the tears and the interview with social services (worst.hour.ever.) and the x-rays, and the IV, and the doctors/nurses (who were just wonderful, thank you Children's Memorial Hospital!), and did I mention the tears, Noah's and ours?  But for now, I am just so thankful that Noah is doing well and that he still loves me.  Accidents happen and I am working through the mommy guilt.

They really shouldn't have to make hospital gowns so small...I about died when they made us put it on him.  In this picture, he's high as a kite on morphine and kept trying to take off the gown.  That was really the only funny moment of the whole night.  You have to find the funny where you can, you know?

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bessie.viola said...

Oh no... that is just awful. So so sorry you had to go through that, from the fall to Noah's pain to the visit with social services. That sounds like the definition of worst day ever.

You are definitely not the worst mother ever - not by a long shot. That title goes to people who do things like that on purpose!

Sending big hugs to Noah - hope he heals quickly. I do have to say, the little tiny cast is pretty adorable. He's getting an early start on boy "tough guy injury" bragging rights!