Monday, February 2, 2009

Missing: Naps.

We're having a rough couple of days.  Noah has recently decided that taking naps is no good, no good at all.  In fact, the longest he's napped in the past couple of weeks was two hours at my parents' house on Saturday.  I was just shocked that he stayed asleep that long because at home?  He does not sleep longer than an hour.  And this is from a baby that used to take two, three hour plus naps a day.  It's like he hit 6 months and decided that he should really be spending more time hanging out with me instead of sleeping because, like, duh MOM, naps are so last month.  He goes down at night like butter on a bagel which is why I am so flummoxed over this refusal to nap during the day.  

The rational side of me knows I should just let him cry.  And I do, but twenty minutes is about all I can handle in one sitting before I go in and either flip him back to his stomach (he REALLY likes to flip on his back and get the lungs going) or get him up to try again later.  Is it the stuffy nose preventing him from sucking his thumb which is his usual go-to method for falling asleep?  Is it some magic six month issue where all he wants to do is play and hang out with me?  Is it just a few days of this and then he'll go back to some semblance of a normal schedule?  I have never had such a hard time figuring something out.  Hell, college statistics was easier than this.  

Anyone who thinks this mom gig is a walk in the park better change their tune.  This is harder and more intense than any other job I have ever had...and a million times more rewarding.   I raise my glass to my own mother for doing this job and for doing it so well, even now when her kids are almost all grown and (relatively) independent.  Being a mother is a never-ending job.  Too bad we don't get paid in real cash money because we would be so damn rich.  


Danielle said...

MORE PICTURES. LESS TALK. Come on...I logged on to get my "I'm in Cali and can't see Noah fix"-- and you give me NOTHING? Sheesh.

bessie.viola said...

Oh Sara - Madeline is the same.darn.way. She's a year old and seems to just prefer *not* napping. At all, mostly.

Somedays, we'll squeeze an hour or so from her. Others, nothing at all. But she sleeps at night... so we don't fight it. Most days. ;)