Monday, August 3, 2009

Do tell

I'm curious. About YOU. I see that there are a number of people reading this blog and yet, so few comments. So, I want to know more about you. Please leave a comment telling me who you are, where you are visiting from, and any other little tidbits. And no, you do not have to create a Blogger account...leave it under "Anonymous" but put your info in the comment box. And then press "Submit". Easy peasy. And I'll be so happy if you leave a comment...I may just have to make a cake to celebrate.

A little about me, also known as My Version Of Free Association, or You Really Don't Want To Know What Goes On In My Brain But Too Bad:

1. I'm 27, soon to be 28, and that means almost 30 and OMG.
2. I'm married to Tim, husband-extraordinaire and part-time pain in my ass.
3. I'm the mother of a one year old who you all know and adore on a regular basis.
4. I really, really, really want to be an editor. Like when I grow up. But don't bash my poor grammar skills on this blog. Rarely do I edit before I publish.
5. I used to think of myself as organized and possibly, maybe, definitely a little OCD.
6. I now realize that was only when I had more free time, aka before baby.
7. I see no shame in hiring cleaning help even if you stay at home.
8. I beg my husband daily to let me re-hire my cleaning woman. I love her. I miss her.
9. I have failed at numerous friendships and am working on it.
10. I sometimes wonder if it's always me since I am the common denominator.
11. But I work hard at the friendships I have and enjoy the time spent with friends immensly.
12. I am a huge proponent of summer nights spent hanging out on the deck after the baby goes to sleep, especially with a good bottle of wine and an even better neighbor.
13. I'm a huge proponent of wine. They made that stuff for moms, I just know it. Or at least we keep the majority of mass-producing vineyards in business.
14. Somedays I feel like "just another mom".
15. Other days I cannot believe "I am a mom".
16. Being a parent is the hardest thing I have ever done. And yet the most rewarding.
17. But some days I really want to go back to work and hand my kid off to someone else to deal with.
18. The grass is always greener, no?
19. I keep meaning to update my "books requested" list at the library.
20. I just reminded myself to do that.

And with that, I leave it to you, friends. Tell me a little more about yourself. Please?


k said...

I'm a new reader of your blog.
I live in Michigan.
I have a husband and a 14 mo. old.
I love cheese, bacon and vacuuming.
I'm a librarian.

Sara said...

Hi K! Thanks for stopping by and admitting your love for bacon. There isn't much better in the world than bacon, is there?

Anonymous said...

You know me as your friend, Katherine.
I blog here:
And here:

I also love vacuuming!
I have an 11-month old.
I took my honeymoon in Italy.
Someday, I'd like to edit documentaries.
I'd also like to teach theater appreciation classes at a junior college somewhere, but I think most people in the future will get their degrees online.
I also think wine is from the gods.
I once met Colin Firth in an elevator. When the doors opened, he said "Going up?"

Anonymous said...


Hilary said...

Hi I'm your baby sister and no I'm not a baby, but an almost 20 year old! yikes
I love my nephew Noah and pray at night that my kids will one look like him.
I love celeb gossip magazines, bad habit but such a good time consumer.
oh and did I mention I love having you as a sister!

Anonymous said...

You know me... I'm lucky enough to have stumbled by your corner of the internet one day!

I live in Michigan (small world, k!)

I'm one of four sisters.

I wish that I could eat ice cream every day without gaining weight.

I am a Harry Potter fanatic, but have mixed feelings about Twilight.

I have an unhealthy love of purses that I've been unable to indulge for some time due to Lack of Purse Funds. The day the purse fund is reinstated... oh, look out!

SB said...

I'm a lost friend from KS - not your fault, totally mine. I am guilty of overbooking, overworking, and overstressing myself. I LOVE my friend Sara even though I am really bad at showing it. I will call soon and beg forgiveness...

Anonymous said...

Sara, it's Anne and I love my anonymity :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sara, it's Jenna. I love stopping by your blog to get updates on the Smiths...especially Noah, of course!

Danielle said...

1. One of my favorite games to play when I come over is "What is new in the Smith house?" Your ability to move things around, paint walls and generally spray paint anything not tied down while also mothering amazes me.
2. I have an unhealthy obsession with straightening other people's artwork while they are not looking; I've never had to do it to you.
3. I am a terrible speller but looooove grammar.
4. Following this, I am now obsessed with the song "Oxford Comma."
5. Are you aware there is a "Chicago Comma?" Really. And I'm not referring to a comma that says pisser rather than loo.
6. Google it. I love google.
7. Someday I will actually start writing a blog instead of just talking about it. Someday. And I will include a blurb about all the random things I google. Until then, I will just be happy reading yours; )