Sunday, August 9, 2009

Strange behavior

Someone switched my baby with a new version this weekend. MY baby doesn't like to snuggle. MY baby would rather pull my hair than snuggle with me. MY baby is too busy for cuddling. So clearly this baby I had this past weekend wasn't MY baby. THIS baby spent an HOUR snuggling on the couch with me. THIS baby watched an entire episode of Sesame Street while curled up in my arms, finger inserted in mouth and blankie in right hand. THIS baby turned to me and KISSED me on the cheek and then snuggled back in. WHO IS THIS CHILD AND WHAT DID YOU DO WITH MINE?

I believe the Smith Family Snuggle Gene is making it's way out in Noah. You see, my side of the family is what I would call Cuddle Averse. We aren't big huggers or kissers. That's not to say we don't express our affection for one another, it's just not in the most physical of ways. When I met Tim, he turned me into a Hugger. Tim's got the Snuggle Gene going in full force and it's pretty difficult to stay Cuddle Averse in the face of a Hugger. And now Noah has fallen prey. He wasn't a snuggly infant. He much preferred to be lolling about on his own rather than curled up on my chest. So this change in demeanor was a bit unexpected but totally fantastic. Is it strange that I have been looking forward to these moments, sitting curled up on the couch with my baby (excuse me, toddler), our feet tucked into a blanket, and watching whatever happens to be the latest and greatest on Noggin? I'm loving it now because I know these days don't last forever.


Hilary said...

Yes i did find it strange when we babysat him on saturday that he sat on the couch for a good half hour sitting next to me when my arm snuggles around him while we watched the horse races. i like the snuggle-able noah!

k said...

I love Noggin.