Monday, August 31, 2009

Teething and trips

On behalf of Noah, I hate teething. My poor little guy has three (THREE!) teeth coming in at the same time, two of those bastards being the dreaded molars, but I do have to say he's handling it pretty well...the teething that is. I didn't even notice the impending arrival of the third tooth until I looked in his mouth when he was screaming this evening from bashing his lip open on a chair. And, lo, there was that telltale hole in the gum. So now he has three teeth coming in, a split and swollen lip, and a goose egg on his forehead from the Great Head Banging on the Bathtub Incident of August Oh-Nine...he's doing just great this evening, thanks for asking.

As luck would have it, Noah and I are off to Michigan tomorrow for an overnight visit with a friend. We need to escape this death trap I call a house (kidding, Grandmas, it's TOTALLY , 100% baby proofed and SAFE, for real). Packing a toddler for TWO days, and ONE night might as well be considered moving in what with all the crap we have to take. My list is two pages long and that's just HIS belongings. I'll be lucky if I remember to pack underwear for myself. I can't wait to tell you all the EXCITING things we will have done on this too short trip...things like drinking wine, and maybe some more drinking wine, perhaps a trip to the beach, followed by more wine. That's what visiting friends is all about, right? Right. See you Thursday.

(For my Michigan peeps, we'll be in New that close to you?)


k said...

From the sound of your little man's wounds, it sounds as if he might be running a Fight Club from his crib.

Have fun on your getaway! We were just in New Buffalo in July. Be sure to go to Oinks for ice cream.

Jackie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning! Glad the song got you dancing around your kitchen-it's such a fun and happy song. Just love it. Take care!


Anonymous said...

YAY for visits to Michigan! It's so chilly here right now, though.

I'm nowhere near New Buffalo, unfortunately. :( Enjoy your trip!