Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Things that have gotten me riled up this week (and it's only Wednesday!)

WARNING: You're entering a Complaint Zone. Enter at your own risk.

Oh lordy, did I get worked up today. Basically a benign conversation with a co-worker wherein I was relating something ridiculous Noah said to his teacher yesterday ended in me defending our discipline philosophy. I was told I was a "pushover", one of these "touchy-feely" parents whose children will "never grow up to respect authority." The issue, obviously, is do it or not to do it. See, we don't spank. The reason being is that it just doesn't work for ME. Let me repeat, FOR ME. We have chosen to not spank our kids but I could care less how you choose to discipline yours. Much like breast vs. formula, staying home vs. working out of the house, daycare vs. a nanny, to each their own. Whatever works for you. Yada, yada, YADA. I DO NOT JUDGE NOR CARE.

And all this from someone who doesn't HAVE kids and each time she hears me talking about mine likes to relate a story about when her DOG did something "similar". No, no. Your DOG is nothing like my KID. My kid may act like an animal at times but at least he doesn't lick his own butt.


I hesitate to even write this (and that probably means I shouldn't) but Chloe's sitter said something that really got me going. On Monday morning, as I was taking Chloe out of her car seat, the sitter said she had a dream about Chloe the night before. A dream that she was BREASTFEEDING my baby. And she went on and on about how great it was and nurturing and loving and OH MY GOD. I just keep reminding myself that a) our sitter is of Eastern European origin and from my experience that culture tends to be very open, honest and frank when speaking with others and b) this might have been her way of showing me how much she adores and cares for my daughter. I left feeling really sad. It was a bold reminder that she gets to love my girl all day while I sit here, in my ergonomically-correct office chair, typing on my computer, looking at spreadsheets and contracts, and staring longingly at the picture of my kids.


While I was on maternity leave HR let my share of the health insurance premiums accrue so now I have a HUGE balance to pay back. And they'll only spread it out over two paychecks which means these next two paychecks will be a pittance. I do not like.


We cannot seem to get on a good morning schedule. Unless I start waking up at 5:00 am (which, no) I feel like our mornings will always be rushed. We have four people, going four different places and all at different times. Both kids can be at their respective caregivers as early as 7:30 am but I think the problem is that I had gotten used to Tim dropping Noah off at 8:30 am (Before Baby) so 7:30 am seems really early when, in reality, it's not. So we have to figure out who takes who and when. I have a more set time I need to be at work whereas Tim is more flexible (I guess that's why he has the V and the P in front of his name and not). This lack of a schedule and PLAN tips me from HappyVille to CrazyTown in two point two seconds.


The office vending machine is out of Snickers and I have to settle for M&Ms and not even the good peanut butter or pretzel kind. The nerve.


Anything gotten you all riled up this week? Do share!


Michelle said...

How are you back to work already, it seems like you had her yesterday! I don't miss the morning juggle, one of the perks of staying home, but next year Finn will be in full day school so our time is coming again...

Tell your co-worker to go f*ck herself. Seriously it drives me nuts when people without kids tell you how to parent.

I am all riled up about having an actual (paid) project to finish and a daughter who has suddenly decided she wants to be on my person at all times. I. Can't. Put. Her. Down. And that means I can't get anything done either.

Janel K. said...

First of all, everything you just complained about? 100% valid. 100%. The breastfeeding?!??!?! Hey, as you know, I am Eastern Euro and even though I DO have weird witch like dreams (are you laughing yet), I do not share them. She inadvertently made you feel like s***. The co worker? Just do "Pooh Dollar" to her/him next time you see them. (Sigs would do that.) Dogs and Kids???? NOT THE SAME, A HOLE!!!!!


My gripe(s)? People who treat you like s*** (love this word) then when something wunderbar happens in their life, they expect you to come out of the woodwork and SWOOP! in and swoon over their life. My friend from childhood treated me like crap for the past year, at least! and now is pregnant and I have to crap myself for her...even though I am but a glitch on her radar.

Ah. That felt gut!!

Home Sweet Sarah said...

Geez, are we having the same week?

My coworker, sans children, is ALWAYS talking about "how kids are." She has no nieces or nephews, just her friends' kids, but she always has a comment. It's usually not negative THANK GOD, but she's already one of those knows-it-all ANYWAY and is one of those I-must-have-an-opinion-about-EVERYTHING, so it can grate on me sometimes. Like, this is the ONE thing you know NOTHING about. Stop talking about child-rearing to me!

Okay, so then to mirror you day some more, as I was walking LG into daycare this morning, one of the support teachers, who subbed in LG's class over the holiday, said to me, "I got to see MY baby yesterday!" As in...LG. *MY* actual baby. I know it's just that she loves LG and for that I am grateful. I love knowing that while I'm at work, there are people taking care of my girl who love her to pieces, but still. MY baby. No, no, she's MINE. GRR, MAMA BEAR, etc.

And finally, this is not really bugging me, but goes along with the above. My birthday is next month and my in-laws have generously offered up their timeshare points for us to go wherever we want (near here, mind you, not like Hawaii or anything, although now that I think about it...) and my mother-in-law offered to fly down to watch LG. I know (I KNOW! I so know) she's just being nice, but it's like, I get maybe 5 hours total with the girl during the weekends are all I have! So no, she will be accompanying us on our mini birthday weekend getaway thankyouverymuch.

WHEW. I feel better.

OH WAIT. In case you missed it on Twitter a couple days ago, my husband's grandma patted my belly and asked if there was "something I wasn't telling them." Umm, "No, I'm just fat!" was my response. So that was a fun start to the week.

Hoping yours improves immensely!

Cupcake Mama said...

Everything has me riled up and hating everything! I think that I will just leave work and get a pedicure.

Erica said...

Kids are not like dogs at all! I have a coworker like that! Lame!

bessie.viola said...

I also have a coworker who makes those same comments. ::headdesk::

I am in a terrible mood this morning, mostly due to varied coworkers, and if I get started I will never stop. Also I have been sick for two weeks now and I am really hitting the wall. And Madeline keeps REFUSING to go to bed at night - like keeps GETTING UP after I PUT HER THERE and WON'T STOP. It makes me very caps-locky, as you can see. I am going to get the crib back out, I swear.

(Thanks for the space to vent... hope your week improves because after all that? Only place to go is up. The weekend is coming! Let's both think about that.)

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

I will admit that I was one of those people who had very strong opinions about parenthood before I had kids. And now that I have a kid, a lot of those opinions have changed. I think I'd just tell that person there is no one right way to raise kids. And, it's presumptuous to think she knows what's best for other people's children. Good grief!

But, I have to disagree on the pet front - there are way more similarities than differences. That said, I'd be pissed if comparisons kept coming up, so I'll still give you that. =)

And, ummm, yeah, that statement by Chloe's childcare provider? Totally irresponsible. Kind of gross, actually. Hope it doesn't change how you feel about her, because it seems like she really does take good care of your little girl.

k said...

I like it when you're fiery.

Hillary said...

I agree with, K. Ranty suits you. (Says a perpetually ranty woman.)

Anyway, things that have riled me this week:
A coworker getting new dogs who has repeatedly called herself an expectant mother.
A MIL and FIL who wouldn't go away. (They finally left today after a 3 WEEK+ visit.)

Sara said...

Oh good! I'm not the only one needing to vent about The Crazymaking. Excellent work, you guys!

Paige said...

YES! Nothing beats a good rant! Bravo!
Aren't people just complete assholes? MAN, I hate those weird dog-loving freaks who insist on acting like their pets are human. THEY ARE NOT, WEIRDOS. My boss has framed pictures of her dog all over her desk. GAH! Weird! I'm biased though, because I am not a dog person to start with. I am a cat lover. Anyway.

I married into a bigass Russian family, and it would not remotely shock me if that breastfeeding comment came out of one of my in-law's mouths. It's the culture, but it's also the fact that Eastern European women have an uncanny way of saying something that could/should be a positive comment (i.e: I love you baby soooo much that I had this crazy dream...) but someone managing to imbue it with shittiness and make you feel terrible. It's really an art form.