Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Chloe, Five Months

Hi! I'm Chloe! I am the happiest baby ever in the whole entire universe, lookatmeIsmileallthetime!!!

I think I've said this every month since she actually learned how to smile but this girl really does smile/laugh/screech in happiness all day long. The only time she fusses is when she is Hungry Like The Wolf or completely exhausted. Speaking of hungry, look who started solids this month:

The girl loves herself some food. She headbutted me out of the way to get to my toast last Sunday and it was all I could do to keep her away from it. I did let her gnaw on a banana and my First Time Mom-self is wringing her hands with worry while this Second Time Mom-self is all "here! have some food! you want some soup?" I've been much more lax about waiting three to five days between new foods and she's lucky I haven't just shot ahead to the fruit/veggie mixes. We've only given her dinner thus far but I'm pretty sure the death stares she's shooting me at 7 am mean she's looking for breakfast too. I figure at the rate we're going she'll have tried every baby food option by 7 months and have moved on to mac and cheese with a side of broccoli. 

Did you take my food? You better not have touched it. Where IS IT?

As noted in this post, Chloe is definitely NOT sleeping through the night. In fact, she's up more than ever right now. We have had ONE sleep through and that was Christmas night which made it a true Christmas miracle. We have seen nothing but wake up after wake up since then. Depending on the day I may say "eh, whatever, she'll EVENTUALLY sleep through the night, no big deal!" or you may get "I am losing my ever-loving mind to sleep deprivation, she refuses a bottle in the middle of the night, looks at Tim like he's CRAZY to try to give one to her when all she wants is boob and did I just put my keys in the freezer?" What I'm saying is some days are better than others and I'm really sleepy.

Chloe's newest trick is more consistently rolling from tummy to back though she refuses to do so when encouraged and once you turn your back she's all about it. She is also really into sitting up but can't hold the pose for more than a couple seconds before timber-ing to the floor. She earned herself a nice goose egg on her head from a wayward fall. 

Not to worry, the next try I used her brother as a prop:

And another repeated theme in Month Five is how much this girl LOVES her brother. She gets all googly eyed when he comes around and can't help but try to grab for his hair or face. I'm not sure he loves the baby talons scraping him every time but he's a good sport. 

Chloe, Month Five is one of my very favorites because of all the new and wondrous things you will learn. From here on out you are going to gain skills at breakneck speed and it will be all we can do to keep up with you. I love you to pieces my little doodlebug. 


Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Chloe is not related to Noah at all. Not one bit. Yeah, and my name is Oprah and I'm worth gajillions! Mwah! You have the most beautiful, adorable, squeezable little kids and I can't believe it might just be five thousand months before I get to see y'all next! Happy 5 to Chloe!

k said...

She is ONE HAPPY BABY! I love it. And you all.

Michelle said...

YAY!!! Baby pics! She is ridiculously cute and I am in LOVE with the angry baby pic.

Janel K. said...

You make such beautiful kids, S. Just beautiful. (Random: do you have any of those Christmas pics of the boys and me you could send over? Sorry I waited until MARCH to ask).

I miss you guys!!

Erica said...

Far too adorable.

bessie.viola said...

OH my goodness she is adorable!! Love all the pictures and love hearing about such a happy, smily girl. :)

Maggie said...

So cute! We're with you on the eating, not so much on the rolling. Chloe's internet twin is LAAAZY.

Jessica said...

She is so beautiful! I miss all the pretty girl clothe (not that I don't have good looking boy clothes, but still).

Lisa Ng said...

She's beautiful and I love that toothless smile! (I got your link from Nilsa :D). Can't wait to read more about your family. And yes, the sleeping through the night thing will eventually happen. Mine happened at 9 mos?? Wish it woulda happened sooner, but whatevs.