Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A little of this, a little of that

I know it's so annoying when bloggers say "I have something going on but it's unbloggable" but...I have something going on that is completely unbloggable and it SUCKS and is AWFUL and I am a ball of anxiety. No, no one is dying, no jobs have been lost, nothing irreversible but a major life issue nonetheless. I most likely won't be able to talk about it in this space due to the nature of the "issue" but please send any positive, happy thoughts my way if you have some to spare.

(My Indian Hawk Guide didn't tell me this crap was on its way. I'm putting in for a new Guide, perhaps one of the Eagle variety.)

Gah. Anyhow. Moving on. Baby updates! Chloe is thisclose to sitting up on her own. Perhaps I should save that mile marker for her 6 month post but it's just too exciting to not share. We've been spending some more time together as a result of That Issue Mentioned Up There so we've been practicing her new tricks. I just want to eat her up and smooch her cheeks every chance I get.


What's up with the awesome weather, Chicago? I fear there will be snow in May. I refuse to pack away the snow boots even though it is currently SEVENTY-SEVEN degrees outside and I am sweating in my house. Is The End coming? Should I be prepared?


Tim and I just finished planning our monthly budget for this year and holy spendslot. On one hand it was a good exercise because it opened my eyes to just how much we fritter away on random shopping trips and eating out. I'm not renewing our Costco membership because each trip cost me $200. COME ON. I'm avoiding Target like the plague and ordering any disposable goods online. For example, I went to Target to buy diapers today (with coupons no less!) and left with diapers, two summer outfits for Chloe, two outfits for Noah, random crap from the Dollar Spot, a new wrinkle cream for me and pots for summer plantings. The only thing I needed on that list was diapers. Sigh. It looks like April and May will be our No Spend Months. Now I know why I complain about not having money...Target and Starbucks ate it all. 

Me: Noah, what's your letter of the week?
Noah: W!
Me: What's a word that starts with W?
Noah: Wine!
Me: Whine? Like what you do before bath?
Noah: No! Wine! Like what you drink in your fancy glass!
Me: Errrrrr...
Noah: Can I have some?
Me: NO. 

Annnddddd, goodnight!


Elizabeth said...

Oh no! I hope whatever sucks and is awful gets better soon!
Also, that daughter of yours is SO adorable! Love the hat.
I am not allowed in Target anymore. It's really awful. Although I am thinking of doing the trick where you buy a gift card at the beginning of the month for whatever amount you need to spend there (say $50 for diapers and wipes) and then when it's gone, it's gone. Could work, maybe.

Anonymous said...

Wine - ha!

Hope your yukky situation resolves soon.

Erica said...

That bebe is too cute. Sorry about the suck.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Yeah, it's probably best that we quit Costco before Gavin was born. And Target really is a suck. I spent at least $100 on every trip. And I usually "need" most of the things I'm buying. Sigh.

k said...

Um, Noah and the wine thing made me slap my knee and laugh in my office. HILARIOUS.

Also, why is Chloe so delightfully precious? Man.

Jessica said...

Hahaha. I love the wine thing.

We figured out our household runs much better if I don't do the shopping. If my husband goes to the grocery store with a list of $80 worth of items, he spends $80. I somehow spend $120 and I have no idea how it happens.

Lisa Ng said...

Target will do that to you! I buy diapers from Amazon Mom and Subscribe & Save. Prices certainly have gone up tho!