Monday, March 5, 2012

If I was religious it would have been Hallelujah all over the place

I have many things rattling around in my brain space. Things like an overdue five month post for Chloe, pictures to upload and edit, a monthly meal plan that I want to try out to attempt to make dinner-time easier, discussing a new volunteering thingy I've recently started and very much enjoy. But instead I am going to steal ten minutes from my work day and tell you about the strangest thing ever.

It begins with last February, as in a year ago. Without getting into all the horrific details we had had a rough couple of years in the self-employment sphere and Tim was putting feelers out there for a salaried position. This decision was really hard for him to make and he wasn't sure it was the right thing to do. One afternoon during this time of major deliberation, as he was pulling the car into the alley behind our house, he happened to look up and saw a HAWK perched on top of our neighbor's fence. The hawk was just staring Tim down and Tim was taken aback by it. By the time Tim pulled into our garage and walked back to the alley to check it out, the hawk was gone. I haven't done any research but my guess is that it's not all that common to spot a giant hawk in the middle of this big city. Let alone a giant hawk chilling on your fence.

The next day he was offered a lucrative, salaried position with a former client of his, precisely when we desperately needed it to happen. Tim credited his "Indian Hawk Guide" and considered him a sign of good things to come.

Fast forward to this past Wednesday. I was getting Noah unbuckled and out of the car so we could pick up Chloe at her sitter's house. As I turned around I happened to look up and saw a HAWK sitting on a condo balcony across the alley. And, yes, he was staring right at me. What made me look up and behind me? I had no reason to do so but I did and he was there. Just watching me. I immediately called Tim and our conversation went like this:

Me: HAWK! SPOTTING! What the...???
Tim: Shut up. What color is he?
Me: Gray and brown. And BIG.
Tim: That's MY hawk! You know this is totally a sign...
Me: Of what?
Tim: Dunno.
Me: Thank you for your insight.

I'm sure he then ended the conversation with some ridiculous comment like "Patience, little one" and then I hung up on him. Anyhow. I gave the hawk a stare right back and went inside to pick up the baby. By the time we got back out, the hawk was gone. Poof, vanished.

Then today happened. Today we received final confirmation that Noah got a coveted spot in the (FREE!!!) preschool at our neighborhood school for this coming fall. We needed that spot so badly and it happened. I also found out that I got the raise I asked for as well as a bonus above and beyond what I had expected. We needed that so badly too and it happened. I'm really grateful for today.

I'm also really grateful for our Indian Hawk Guide who clearly shows up right when we need him to. Both times we spotted him we had good fortune come our way. Now if only he showed up the next time (only time?) I play lotto. Mama could use a HUGE windfall.


Erica said...

Awesome! Free preschool hallelujah.

pseudostoops said...

Yayyyyy! He got in! Yayyyyy!

(The hawk thing is just uncanny.)

(Also, I forgot to tell you yesterday that I looked for the bathing suit and it was all gone, and I had them check other stores and all they could find was 12-18.)

(Also, I just hijacked your comment section with an unrelated note about bathing suits. You love me.)

Michelle said...

I love when things happen this way. And I'm pretty sure when you put good out (which you do) good comes back to you.

Congrats on all the awesomeness, you deserve it!

Now get going on some baby posts!!

Jessica said...

That's wonderful! So glad for the good news (and Indian Hawk Guide!)

Michelle said...

That is awesome.

Jennifer said...

Awesome awesome!

Jennie said...

I love this post! Also, big, huge congrats on all those well-deserved things.

samantha said...

I LOVE stuff like this. Love. And hooray to ALL THE THINGS! It makes me so happy that those fabulous things are happening! Wheee!

k said...

I want a hawk.

bessie.viola said...

This is so very awesome. Hooray for you, your hawk, and all the good things happening!!

Becca said...

Only good things come if we are grateful with small things.

You deserve it! congrats!

Becca said...

Only good things come if we are grateful with small things.

You deserve it! congrats!

Lisa Ng said...

Amazing story!! Maybe you should be religious ;)