Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Electrical madness

We knew that buying a 122 year old house would pose some interesting problems when doing any renovations, minor or major. For two weeks I pleaded with Tim to take down the hideous dining room chandelier to make a home for Chandy. He then fell ill, on his deathbed, could not even lift a delicate finger, wah. So finally, at the very end of the week, and right before Our First Annual Holiday Party, he took down the old chandelier. Unfortunately, we then discovered that the dining room seems to be the only room in the entire house that was not rewired some time in the last century. I'm not kidding.

The wiring is of the cloth variety, something that Tim has never seen before but knows is not up to code. It poses a very serious electrical fire risk... one that is so serious Tim had to sit me down and explain that it could ignite within the WALL and engulf our house and our UNBORN CHILD in flames within minutes. Ok, you got me, I was convinced we needed a professional to come in and fix the wiring. Tim is supposed to call a referral today, and he's thinking that we're looking at a very expensive project. I suppose this comes with the territory of owning an old home.

Do you all even care about electrical wiring? Nah...me neither. Tim will handle it. In the meantime, I will think about what I want to eat next...

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