Sunday, December 16, 2007

Our First Year (a little late)

Our anniversary falls on November 25th, 4 days after Tim's birthday and right arond Thanksgiving. So it's a busy week to begin with. And this year, we found out we were expecting a little pooping and peeing bundle of joy the day before Tim's birthday. In all that excitement, we kind of pushed our anniversary to the background. I don't mean we forgot about it, but we didn't plan for it the way we might have if there was nothing else thrilling going on.

We ended up having a lovely weekend with a fantastic dinner on that Saturday night, and I surprised Tim with tickets to a Bears game on our actual anniversary (Sunday). But the shock of a baby on the way just subdued the whole occasion. We even forgot to eat the top of our wedding cake that my parents just couldn't WAIT to get out of their freezer. But you know what? I wouldn't change a single thing. We had an amazing year full of so many wonderful memories. We got married, we moved, and we started our own little family. Not everyday was blissful, of course, but it was a damn good year. I can't wait for decades more.

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